Let's Clean Up This Lot!

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As you're walking down the street to your favorite bakery, to pick up your favorite treat because you deserve it for making it through the week, you see a younger Puppillar pacing in front of a very dirty lot. The lot is covered from head to toe, from ivy growing up the side of an abandon shop , glass shards all over the ground, crushed soda cans strewn about,  some shoes left abandoned, and a pile of tires leaning over precariously. The young puppillar is talking to themself about how to even start cleaning up this mess.

You've only made it a couple of steps past them before starting to feel pretty bad for this pup. So you turn back around and decide to ask why they wanna clean up this lot. The puppillar jumps up, startled. "Oh, sorry I didn't even see you there.... Well I wanna give my grandpa a store so he can enjoy and share his hobby of gardening with everyone! And this lot is perfect, but needs a lot of work, I'm not sure I can do it alone.

Your heart melts for this pup, and you volunteer to help them with this huge task, since no pupp deserves to hold such huge task on their shoulders alone, certainly not this pup doing something so sweet for thier grandpa. Before you know it you're texting some friends to come over and they text their friends and soon you have a small army to help clean up!

And you set to work on this little lot to make it look nice and to encourage others to do the same with nearby lots!


How Can You Help?


This event is prompt  and claim based, and members will recieve Garden Points based on the prompt they complete! The event will have three phases, and each phase will have a new prompt released! Members who participate in all phases will recieve a special prize at the end of the event, so make sure you participate in all three! Once a prompt is released, it will be available for the remainder of the event.

Members may claim one extra point per day by using the Claims Feature, simply submit a claim saying you are claiming a garden point!

The prompt will change for each phase of the event,  and can be found here with all instructions! Each completed prompt will earn 10 garden points!


Prize shop:

For this event, we have a prize shop, hosted by the lovely Pupp and his Grandpa! They will be providing lovely garden themed items for anyone who helps clean up the lot! 

The prize shop is located here!


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