Dungeon Doggos Chapter 2

Created: 21 January 2021, 13:11:40 CST
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Alabaster is a very good Dungeon Doggos Master, he makes sure everyone has thier turn in the spotlight, and is quick on his feet with  improv, even with some of the wacky things that the players have come up with. "Well, do you really want to start a fight with the Tavern Keeper?" he says calmly to a younger, feisty looking pupp. He explains a few more things, and the young pupp reconsiders and instead buys drinks for the  farmers to get some information on the nearby woods. "Good thinking, because after a nice night's rest, you and your companions find yourself traversing the thick local woods..."

Chapter 2 - The Forest

You and your companions have done research on your route to the castle, but as adventurers you know that things can lurk in wooded areas. These woods seem fairly tame, and are beautoful to boot, so its nice to be around nature. As you make your way through the woods, there are a few interesting things that you stumble across...

Select a "random" encounter below (or roll a six sided dice at home for your encounter!) and reply below with how your character deals with it!

  1. Your character encounters a bandit camp, and luckily the bandits don't detect them, how do they deal with the bandits?
  2. Your character discovers a new type of plant in the deep forest, what does it look like and what magical properties does it have?
  3. Your character encounters a friendly animal (magical or non-magical), how does it aid them on their quest or help them make their way through the woods?
  4. Your character encounters a not-so-friendly animal (magical or non-magical), do they fight it? Or simply try to get away? How do they manage to best them?
  5. Your character has the chance to utilize one of thier skills or talents to help navigate an obstacle in the woods. What's the obstacle and how do they help their party through it?
  6. Yourcharacter strays off the beaten path for a moment and discovers an oddity. What is it that they find? Is it useful, or detrimental to the quest?



Response Guidelines:

  • All responses must include the link to the Character Sheet Gallery Entry, so the staff can reference your character sheet
  • If you would like to roll using your stats for one of your character's actions, please specify what you are doing for the roll, and which Stat you are using (Teeth, Paws, Nose, or Tail)
    • Rolls will be rolled by Staff, using a 20 sided dice, and will either be a Success (11-20) or a Failure (1-10). There is no penalty for failure, but you will get bonus Event Points for successes!
  • There is no time limit to respond to each story moment, but they must be responded to in the  order posted
  • Each response must be at least 50 words
  • You may use multiple charaters throughout the story, but each member can only respond to each Chapter up to three times
    • Member responses may be whatever combination of characters, such as three characters each responding once, or one character responding three times through a reply chain
  • Members will receive 5 Event Points for responses that are at least 50 words, 5 bonus Event Points for "inspiration" (aka: utilizing whats on your character sheet) and 5 points if they perform a roll and it's successful


Inkcess Avatar

https://puppillars.com/gallery/view/55 (pending approval)

1. Your character encounters a bandit camp, and luckily the bandits don't detect them, how do they deal with the bandits?

Lisanne seems to have lost her way(and her party) and ended up right in the middle of a bandit camp?! Being rather logical she does the smart thing - walk right up to one of them and ask 'Hey son, have you seen a monster hereabouts? Or a party of adventurers?' The bandits ignore her and instead start scheming to find and follow the party, and steal their loot once they defeat the beast. Frustrated with being ignored, Lisanne starts summoning pizza and throwing it at the bandits!(like clowns and pie)
The bandits do not take kindly to this and start chasing her.

Lisanne would like to roll with paw to get away from the bandits

2021-03-14 22:35:06

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The bandit's do not enjoy the pizza barrage..

Lisanne rolls a 7 +3, for a total of 10, failing!

Lisanne runs as fast as her legs can carry her, but unfortunately her legs are shorter than those of the bandits. A few of them corner her in front of a cliffside, snarling at her and dripping with pizza grease. A few slower bandits approach as well, eating some of the pizza that had been tossed at them.

"Give us some more pizza... GENTLY this time... and maybe we'll let you go!" One of the bandits says, watching her carefully.

You have earned 10 event points for this reply!

2021-03-14 22:41:08

bonnbonn Avatar

4. Your character encounters a not-so-friendly animal (magical or non-magical), do they fight it? Or simply try to get away? How do they manage to best them?

While they're making their way through the woods, Maddie hears an odd noise, coming from somewhere to the left of them. They look around at their fellow adventurers, but no one else seems to have heard it. They shrug and decide to go investigate, heading deeper into the forest.
After walking for a while, they locate the source of the sound: a large, bear-like creature in the middle of a clearing, snoring loudly. It also appears to be...pink? That's odd. Still, even though it's very sparkly, it doesn't look all that friendly.
Maddie gulps and quickly retreats backwards, promptly stepping on a dry twig. The sound of it snapping makes the beast's head snap up and it slowly stands, dark purple eyes fixed on Maddie. Oh no.
They quickly fumble one of their exploding candies out of the backpack they're carrying, lighting the wick with shaky paws and throwing it as far away as possible.
Then, they turn and run, hoping the creature will be distracted long enough for them to make an escape.

(Maddie is rolling paws to quickly run back to the others!)

2021-03-05 07:00:30

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The sparkly creature stirs slightly...

Maddie rolls an 8 +5, for a total of 13, succeeding!

The creature's eyes open, but it doesn't take note of Maddie during their retreat, instead eyeing the delicious looking candy that lands close to them. They sniff around a bit, approaching the candy carefully.

As Maddie is able to make a hasty retreat, the creature gets a face full of exploding candy!! Hopefully it doesn't try to catch up with them..

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2021-03-05 17:21:23 (Edited 2021-03-05 17:22:20)

uzkost Avatar

"Your character encounters a friendly animal (magical or non-magical), how does it aid them on their quest or help them make their way through the woods?"

Ryu has set out across the wooded expanse, ready for whatever comes around the corner! Well... they are a bit skittish, but admitting they're scared will only make it worse ;w;

Going on a bit longer, Ryu has to squint at their map now. Thankfully it's not too dark yet, and it may be soon, but a warm lantern is helping light the way. Suddenly, a small dark figure moves slyly from behind the snailcat's map... Oh no is it a monster?
A few more glimpses of it from a shaky lantern, and Ryu is fairly sure it's just a small animal rustling around... but they're not entirely sure. If only the thing could stand still, or if Ryu could, this shaky lantern is a making them a little seasick.

Ryu would like to roll for Paws (+3) to catch a glimpse at what's running around!

2021-03-02 19:15:10

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The creature darts around in the darkness...

Ryu rolls a 2 +3, for a total of 5, failing!

Even with the light of the lantern, the creature stays just out of the light. After a few minutes of trying to light the way, Ryu can hear the creature, whatever it is, giggling a bit at the "game".

The shadow like creature flits in and out of Ryu's view, coming close and then darting away again and again. They start to whistle a little song, flying just above where Ryu stands and starting to move into the forest...

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2021-03-03 16:43:12

AcuteExposure Avatar


Snowstorm rolled a 1 for her last bit of exploring the forest!

Although she was tempted to just tiptoe away from the bandits, she couldn't help but pause and take a look at the heaps of treasure they were showing off - it was so sparkling, some of the shiniest gold she'd ever seen! ...Maybe if she just walked up and started chatting with them, they'd be nice enough to look the other way while she "borrowed" a bit of it?

Snowstorm is rolling Tail to try acting nice enough that the bandits won't notice her theft!

2021-02-27 00:20:20

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The bandits eye Snowstorm's approach with caution...

Snowstorm rolls a 3 +5, for a total of 8, failing!

And draw their weapons as she gets closer. "Beat it!" one of them says, leering over at her.

"Yeah, we're tired of you adventurer types sniffing around here!" another bandit says, frowning. The bandits begin advancing slowly towards Snowstorm, aiming to chase her off...

You have earned 10 event points for this reply!

2021-02-27 19:05:30

AcuteExposure Avatar


Rolled a 2 for Snowflake!

Snowflake found a flower that has deep green petals, nearly blending into the leaves and stem - he nearly mistook it for a brush or vine. It looked completely normal to him, until he reached out to touch it... it jerked away from his paw, moving like it had a mind of its own! Now knowing this, he had to get a closer look!

Snowflake is rolling for paws to try catching that plant!

2021-02-27 00:16:16

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The plant writhes, moving away from Snowflake's paws...

Snowflake rolls a 10 +3, for a total of 13, succeeding!

But Snowflake is able to out speed it, grabbing the stem of the strange flower. It wiggled a bit in his grasp, but eventually calmed down, giving him a better look at the flower.

The flower's deep green colors are strange, Snowflake isn't sure if they've seen it before, but maybe they can remember, or one of their companions knows...

You have earned 15 event points for this reply!!

2021-02-27 17:30:15

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