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"Your character encounters a friendly animal (magical or non-magical), how does it aid them on their quest or help them make their way through the woods?"

Ryu has set out across the wooded expanse, ready for whatever comes around the corner! Well... they are a bit skittish, but admitting they're scared will only make it worse ;w;

Going on a bit longer, Ryu has to squint at their map now. Thankfully it's not too dark yet, and it may be soon, but a warm lantern is helping light the way. Suddenly, a small dark figure moves slyly from behind the snailcat's map... Oh no is it a monster?
A few more glimpses of it from a shaky lantern, and Ryu is fairly sure it's just a small animal rustling around... but they're not entirely sure. If only the thing could stand still, or if Ryu could, this shaky lantern is a making them a little seasick.

Ryu would like to roll for Paws (+3) to catch a glimpse at what's running around!

2021-03-02 19:15:10

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The creature darts around in the darkness...

Ryu rolls a 2 +3, for a total of 5, failing!

Even with the light of the lantern, the creature stays just out of the light. After a few minutes of trying to light the way, Ryu can hear the creature, whatever it is, giggling a bit at the "game".

The shadow like creature flits in and out of Ryu's view, coming close and then darting away again and again. They start to whistle a little song, flying just above where Ryu stands and starting to move into the forest...

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2021-03-03 16:43:12