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4. Your character encounters a not-so-friendly animal (magical or non-magical), do they fight it? Or simply try to get away? How do they manage to best them?

While they're making their way through the woods, Maddie hears an odd noise, coming from somewhere to the left of them. They look around at their fellow adventurers, but no one else seems to have heard it. They shrug and decide to go investigate, heading deeper into the forest.
After walking for a while, they locate the source of the sound: a large, bear-like creature in the middle of a clearing, snoring loudly. It also appears to That's odd. Still, even though it's very sparkly, it doesn't look all that friendly.
Maddie gulps and quickly retreats backwards, promptly stepping on a dry twig. The sound of it snapping makes the beast's head snap up and it slowly stands, dark purple eyes fixed on Maddie. Oh no.
They quickly fumble one of their exploding candies out of the backpack they're carrying, lighting the wick with shaky paws and throwing it as far away as possible.
Then, they turn and run, hoping the creature will be distracted long enough for them to make an escape.

(Maddie is rolling paws to quickly run back to the others!)

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The sparkly creature stirs slightly...

Maddie rolls an 8 +5, for a total of 13, succeeding!

The creature's eyes open, but it doesn't take note of Maddie during their retreat, instead eyeing the delicious looking candy that lands close to them. They sniff around a bit, approaching the candy carefully.

As Maddie is able to make a hasty retreat, the creature gets a face full of exploding candy!! Hopefully it doesn't try to catch up with them..

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