Dungeon Doggos Chapter 2

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Alabaster is a very good Dungeon Doggos Master, he makes sure everyone has thier turn in the spotlight, and is quick on his feet with  improv, even with some of the wacky things that the players have come up with. "Well, do you really want to start a fight with the Tavern Keeper?" he says calmly to a younger, feisty looking pupp. He explains a few more things, and the young pupp reconsiders and instead buys drinks for the  farmers to get some information on the nearby woods. "Good thinking, because after a nice night's rest, you and your companions find yourself traversing the thick local woods..."

Chapter 2 - The Forest

You and your companions have done research on your route to the castle, but as adventurers you know that things can lurk in wooded areas. These woods seem fairly tame, and are beautoful to boot, so its nice to be around nature. As you make your way through the woods, there are a few interesting things that you stumble across...

Select a "random" encounter below (or roll a six sided dice at home for your encounter!) and reply below with how your character deals with it!

  1. Your character encounters a bandit camp, and luckily the bandits don't detect them, how do they deal with the bandits?
  2. Your character discovers a new type of plant in the deep forest, what does it look like and what magical properties does it have?
  3. Your character encounters a friendly animal (magical or non-magical), how does it aid them on their quest or help them make their way through the woods?
  4. Your character encounters a not-so-friendly animal (magical or non-magical), do they fight it? Or simply try to get away? How do they manage to best them?
  5. Your character has the chance to utilize one of thier skills or talents to help navigate an obstacle in the woods. What's the obstacle and how do they help their party through it?
  6. Yourcharacter strays off the beaten path for a moment and discovers an oddity. What is it that they find? Is it useful, or detrimental to the quest?



Response Guidelines:

  • All responses must include the link to the Character Sheet Gallery Entry, so the staff can reference your character sheet
  • If you would like to roll using your stats for one of your character's actions, please specify what you are doing for the roll, and which Stat you are using (Teeth, Paws, Nose, or Tail)
    • Rolls will be rolled by Staff, using a 20 sided dice, and will either be a Success (11-20) or a Failure (1-10). There is no penalty for failure, but you will get bonus Event Points for successes!
  • There is no time limit to respond to each story moment, but they must be responded to in the  order posted
  • Each response must be at least 50 words
  • You may use multiple charaters throughout the story, but each member can only respond to each Chapter up to three times
    • Member responses may be whatever combination of characters, such as three characters each responding once, or one character responding three times through a reply chain
  • Members will receive 5 Event Points for responses that are at least 50 words, 5 bonus Event Points for "inspiration" (aka: utilizing whats on your character sheet) and 5 points if they perform a roll and it's successful


mewhaku Avatar


Rolled: 1. Your character encounters a bandit camp, and luckily the bandits don't detect them, how do they deal with the bandits?

After aiding the Tavern Keeper, Raine went forward out in the direction he had mentioned to move along with her adventure. Of course, as night fell and she went further into the forest, she had to keep her wits about herself.

"Seems like this might be a bit of a dangerous region, I imagine all sorts have been attracted by this situation..."
Of course as she was thinking this to herself, she saw the flickers of a warm flame out of the corner of her eye. A small clearing, perhaps. Voices. Loud, a bit muffled or confused- maybe they were all drinking a bit too much mead. She almost chuckled, but realized they may not be so benign.

She crouched behind some trees a fair distance away, and tried to listen in... as far as she could tell, these were a group of bandits. A bit different from a Thief like herself to say the least. She knew she wouldn't have the hearing to decipher their plans, and so the next best thing to do would be to sneak by them and move on before they'd realize her presence.

"I can get my fill of treasures once I reach my goal. These amateurs don't seem to have much worth of note." Raine thought.
She looked down at her paws, realizing that if her chance to flee the area and move forward failed, she'd have to confront them with her dagger to fend them off. Physical strength was not her strongsuit, but maybe if she couldn't make it all the way through... she'd still have a chance to sneak up on one...

Raine rolls using her Paws stat to hopefully speed across the edges of the clearing- and avoid detection while moving forward towards her eventual goal!

2021-02-13 09:32:31

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The fire is bright, casting shadows around the edge of the woods, if Raine can stick to the shadows, she can probably get around the camp without being noticed...

Raine rolls a 13 +5, for a total of 18, succeeding!

Being fleet of paw, Raine is able to skirt around the bandit camp, sticking to the shadows cast by the flickering flames. At one point, she thinks she hears someone coming closer, but is able to hide behind a tree as a bandit steps beyond the fire, a bit, grabbing a log to toss on the fire.

With the noise of the log being tossed on the fire, Raine is able to do a final sprint around the clearing and into the woods, making her way deeper into the woods and farther from the bandits.

You have earned 15 event points for this reply!

2021-02-13 11:40:37

mewhaku Avatar


Raine sighed with relief, it got a bit harrowing there for a moment... "I wish I had stumbled upon friendly adventurers rather than these lowbrows." She had managed to get past them by sticking to the shadows, but she knew if she was going to continue traveling, she'd need to get much farther by daylight hours.

"No rest for the wicked, huh?" she snickered to herself at the thought.
Raine was weary though, and she had been hoping for some rest this evening. But as the moon was full, she hoped she could summon the strength for a bit more traveling this evening... and not to fall asleep on her paws.

Raine rolls a hopeful dice with her Teeth Stat at the thought of maybe her strength carrying her through till morning, otherwise she'll have to find a safe place to rest if she lacks the energy to continue walking.

2021-02-13 13:04:54

SmellyMouse Avatar


[Bijou blew on her metallic black die for luck and rolled a one. She scrunched her nose at the low number but only took a moment to compose an answer.]

While trudging along through the woods, Bijou’s ears pick up the faint sounds of laughter. She tells her group to stay put, since she was one of the more quiet ones. She insisted on going to investigate while her party stayed at a distance, just in case something went wrong.

She hid behind tree after tree as she got closer. Finally, she saw a little camp of bandits. They were sitting around a campfire, eating meat on sticks, without a care in the world. Her eyes glittered as she saw a large bag of (more than likely stolen) goodies behind them near their tent. She was to their backs and it seemed like it could be an easy grab. Bijou only took a moment to reason whether or not she should take the risk, but ultimately knew her habits. She was fast and trusted her speed. She crept down and took one big breath before quickly slithering toward the bag. She grabbed it and—

[Bijou would like to roll her Paws stat to use speed to get away with the bag—hopefully unnoticed]

2021-02-12 23:42:55

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The bandits are chatting away, in their own little world as Bijou creeps closer...

Bijou rolls an 18 +5 for a 23, succeeding!

Bijou is able to creep closer and closer to the bag of loot, with the bandits none the wiser. The fire crackles loudly, and Bijou freezes for a second, but none of the bandits look behind them at all. Bijou is able to breathe a sigh of relief and sneak away again, loot in hand.

Perhaps there's something useful among the coins, but either way, money is always quite useful!

You have earned 15 event points for this reply!

2021-02-13 11:33:02 (Edited 2021-02-13 11:41:30)

Oboe Avatar


[Jasper carefully grasped the glittery pink die in his paw, shook it for a moment and released it -- a six was rolled! Jasper looks thoughtful for a few moments before laying out his response.]

While traveling with a group was fun, listening to all the chatter and chitchat regarding the current mission at hand, it was awfully boring too -- where was the treasure? The glory? Jasper was ready to collect some treasure, as much as his first four paws could carry. This trip was taking awfully long; he had thought the monster must've been a lot closer to the village based on what he had overheard from the farmers and the rest of the adventuring group!

Suddenly, a glint of... well, something off the trail caught his eye. It wasn't reflective, like his dagger, but it was bright enough to shine in the sun. He glanced furtively around at the other pupps, who were deep in conversation still, and made up his mind.

He quickly scrambled off the path, headed straight for the spot he saw the shine.

It didn't take long to get to it -- though thorns and sticks and burrs had grabbed at his hood and fur -- but he was still out of breath when he finally stole up to the object. It was round, looked and smelled to be carved from bone, and had a few small holes pushed through it... could it be?

Jasper was no musician, but he could certainly recognize an ocarina when he saw one!

It was definitely intricately and lovingly carved, with the tone holes perfectly circular in their bony base. The ocarina itself was carved to look like a singing pupp on one end, with the mouth section looking like the pupp's tail. It was unfinished; no paint adorned it, and the glint that had originally caught his eye was from the bone surface alone.

Jasper made up his mind on the spot, again -- he was going to keep this object, no matter what! While it wouldn't sell for much, due to being unfinished and slightly scuffed, it might be important to whoever had dropped it so far out here in the woods! Surely that would count for something (maybe even... a reward?) if he returned it. If not, maybe it would be useful during the journey somehow?

Suddenly, voices behind him made him pause -- too late to hide the precious instrument. Some of the other pupps had wandered back when they noticed he was gone, and looked apprehensive when they saw the object in his hands.

"It could help us on our quest," he began weakly, but some of the other pupps looked stern. How could he get them on his side?

[Jasper would like to roll his Tail stat to use charisma to convince the group the bone ocarina will be useful! He will try to try to keep it either way, but he wants the group to be on the same page as him.]

2021-02-09 19:22:12

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

Jasper's companions peer at the strange instrument, and one of them asks to take a closer look, holding out their paw...

Jasper rolls a 17 +0, for a 17, succeeding!

Jasper's companion turns the ocarina around in their paws, "Looks like someone put a lot of craftsmanship into this... they say as they hand it back to Jasper.

"Even if its just an instrument, would still be nice to have some music around the fire at night!" One of the other companions chimes in, "You better practice Jasper!"

Back in Jasper's paws, the ocarina looks unassuming, but perhaps it has more secrets...

You have earned 15 event points for this reply!

2021-02-13 11:21:45 (Edited 2021-02-13 11:22:09)

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