Dungeon Doggos Chapter 2

Created: 21 January 2021, 13:11:40 CST
Last updated: 9 February 2021, 16:48:39 CST

Alabaster is a very good Dungeon Doggos Master, he makes sure everyone has thier turn in the spotlight, and is quick on his feet with  improv, even with some of the wacky things that the players have come up with. "Well, do you really want to start a fight with the Tavern Keeper?" he says calmly to a younger, feisty looking pupp. He explains a few more things, and the young pupp reconsiders and instead buys drinks for the  farmers to get some information on the nearby woods. "Good thinking, because after a nice night's rest, you and your companions find yourself traversing the thick local woods..."

Chapter 2 - The Forest

You and your companions have done research on your route to the castle, but as adventurers you know that things can lurk in wooded areas. These woods seem fairly tame, and are beautoful to boot, so its nice to be around nature. As you make your way through the woods, there are a few interesting things that you stumble across...

Select a "random" encounter below (or roll a six sided dice at home for your encounter!) and reply below with how your character deals with it!

  1. Your character encounters a bandit camp, and luckily the bandits don't detect them, how do they deal with the bandits?
  2. Your character discovers a new type of plant in the deep forest, what does it look like and what magical properties does it have?
  3. Your character encounters a friendly animal (magical or non-magical), how does it aid them on their quest or help them make their way through the woods?
  4. Your character encounters a not-so-friendly animal (magical or non-magical), do they fight it? Or simply try to get away? How do they manage to best them?
  5. Your character has the chance to utilize one of thier skills or talents to help navigate an obstacle in the woods. What's the obstacle and how do they help their party through it?
  6. Yourcharacter strays off the beaten path for a moment and discovers an oddity. What is it that they find? Is it useful, or detrimental to the quest?



Response Guidelines:

  • All responses must include the link to the Character Sheet Gallery Entry, so the staff can reference your character sheet
  • If you would like to roll using your stats for one of your character's actions, please specify what you are doing for the roll, and which Stat you are using (Teeth, Paws, Nose, or Tail)
    • Rolls will be rolled by Staff, using a 20 sided dice, and will either be a Success (11-20) or a Failure (1-10). There is no penalty for failure, but you will get bonus Event Points for successes!
  • There is no time limit to respond to each story moment, but they must be responded to in the  order posted
  • Each response must be at least 50 words
  • You may use multiple charaters throughout the story, but each member can only respond to each Chapter up to three times
    • Member responses may be whatever combination of characters, such as three characters each responding once, or one character responding three times through a reply chain
  • Members will receive 5 Event Points for responses that are at least 50 words, 5 bonus Event Points for "inspiration" (aka: utilizing whats on your character sheet) and 5 points if they perform a roll and it's successful


AcuteExposure Avatar


Rolled 1d6, and got a 4!

Snowstorm was unfortunate enough to encounter an owlbear in the wild, and boy, did it look mad. However, she thought through something she'd heard before - owlbears usually aren't vicious, they normally only attack anything if they're afraid that their young is in danger.

"It's okay," She said, in a soft tone of voice, "I'm not here to hurt you, or your chicks if there's any nearby..." She knew that owlbears couldn't speak common, but she hoped that just her body language and voice would be enough to calm it down - she didn't want to have to hurt it.

Snowstorm is rolling her tail stat to show the owlbear that she's a friend, not foe!

2021-02-24 17:04:14

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The owlbear puffs up its feathers and fur, watching Snowstorm carefully...

Snowstorm rolls a 9 + 5, for a total of 14, succeeding!

The owlbear seems wary at first, but after a tense moment, decides that Snowstorm isn't a threat. The owlbear hoots towards the woods, and Snowstorm is able to watch a pair of owlbear cubs run out of the underbrush, following after their momma as she heads into the woods on the other side of the path. A rare sight indeed!

You have earned 15 event points for this reply!

2021-02-25 20:20:14

RexAraneo Avatar


Heleward traveled down a beaten path, guided by the words of a passing traveler that had informed him that his goal was just an hour's walk down the path. He'd been traveling for about two hours now and couldn't help but wonder if he'd gotten lost, or been lied to. The sound of rustling in the surrounding forest caused him to pause. Before him, a chimera stalks onto the path, staring him down. It slowly stalks towards him, low growls rumbling from its chest. Panic flared in his chest as he searches his brain for the needed spell, attempting to cast 'befriend animal' on the beast, using a nose roll.

2021-02-21 19:28:57 (Edited 2021-02-21 19:30:00)

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The chimera emits a low growl, watching Heleward carefully as he casts his spell...

Heleward rolls a 2 +5, for a total of 7, failing!

The chimera resists the spell, roaring at Heleward, but still keeps its distance from the puppillar. It prowls around, getting closer for a moment, before getting distracted by a bird flying out of the brush, giving Heleward an opportunity to get away...

You have received 10 Event Points for this reply!

2021-02-24 15:28:54

Hawkins Avatar


Rolled a 3: Your character encounters a friendly animal (magical or non-magical), how does it aid them on their quest or help them make their way through the woods?

Mochius makes her way through the woods with her party, taking in the sights and sounds of the woods. It really was beautiful out here! The various members of the party chat amongst themselves, and though she's too shy to really chime in, she listens idly and laughs at their many jokes.

Her mind begins to wander eventually, losing track of time as she navigates the winding paths. Finally, dusk is beginning to settle and someone suggests they make camp for the night once they find someplace a bit more sheltered. Mochius' attention snaps back to the present as she joins her companions in looking for a good place to make camp.

Before too long, she notices a glimmer though the foliage. She ducks off the path and heads towards the glittering light. She is shocked to find the glow is coming from the fluttering wings of a butterfly. The creature's brilliant golden wings seem to be shedding glitter with each beat. "Whoa..." Mochius breathes, taking in the sight. Finally, she realizes that the butterfly seems to be circling a small cluster of plants on the ground, making it's way around them in wide, lazy loops. Curious, she stoops to investigate. Maybe it was pollenating the plants, assuming the glitter was actually pollen? Maybe it was magical pollen? In that case, were the plants magic, too? Her eyes widened. Even if they weren't, she tried to remember everything she'd read about healing plants that could be found in the woods. She was a healer, after all! Maybe the butterfly just wanted to show her something to aid her on the journey.

Mochius decides to roll Nose to see if she can puzzle out what these plants are.

2021-02-15 07:29:31

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The butterfly flutters around Mochius' head, sticking by her as she takes a closer look at the plants...

Mochius rolls a 3 +3, for a total of 6, failing!

The plants are very pretty, but Mochius is stumped as to what they can be. The butterfly lands briefly on the tip of Mochius' ear, but soon enough flutters away into the woods. The plants are there for the taking though, and Mochius is able to grab some, maybe one of her companions will have some insight!

You have earned 10 event points for this reply

2021-02-15 17:10:51

Hawkins Avatar


Mochius puzzles for what feels like an eternity, but she can't come up with anything. She sighs heavily. Even the butterfly seems to grow bored, and she watches it disappear into the woods. She frowns and begins to gather some of the mystery plants to her chest. She'll keep thinking about, maybe even ask the rest of her party if they recognize it.

Making her way back to the trail, she has to hurry to catch up with the rest of her group. The sky was growing darker, and they had found a place to settle under a canopy of leaves where the trees were densely packed.

"Mochius, where were you?" One of her companions, a fearsome fighter, asks.

"I found these plants!" She holds them out towards him, but he scoffs and walks away. She tries to show them to a few others, but they're all busy setting up camp, and no one seems interested.

How can she convince them to pay attention? The plants could be important! The butterfly had to mean something. She frowns and decides to roll Tail to see if she can get anyone to look at what she'd gathered.

2021-02-16 09:56:41

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member


Rolled a 6 for Harley - Discovering an oddity!

Harley is a bit scatterbrained while walking through the forest, they wander back and forth, getting distracted by anything and everything, but they do their best to stay close enough to the rest of the group. Most of these little distractions are inconsequential, a bug, a shadow that turned out to be nothing, or a "weird" leaf that the druid in the group just explains is a common one.

Bored of the march once again, Harley begins sniffling around, hoping to find something interesting to keep them entertained, maybe a squirrel or something. There was definitely something weird in the air... Harley follows the scent, tracking it to a spot in the dirt. Time to do some digging!

Harley would like to roll with Paws to dig up whatever is causing the smell!

2021-02-14 14:14:00

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

Harley began to dig in the dirt and loam, who knows how deep the smell originated...

Harley rolls an 18 + 3, for a 21, succeeding!

Soon enough, the dirt is flying! Harley kicks up leaves, dirt, and mud behind them, starting to create a deeper and deeper hole. After about a minute of furious digging, they finally hit something!

Harley pulls out a strange looking necklace made of bones, after a few more sniffs, they think that it might have some sort of magic. Maybe one of their companions will be able to identify it!

You have earned 15 event points for this post

(also for anyone following along with the responses, I am only saying the item Harley found because I'm replying to myself, for responses please feel free to create whatever you want!!)

2021-02-14 14:34:00

andie Avatar
andie Staff Member

Rolled: 5. Your character has the chance to utilize one of thier skills or talents to help navigate an obstacle in the woods. What's the obstacle and how do they help their party through it?

A big boulder stopped the adventurers' path. Gasha looked at the boulder, inspecting it with interest.

"We could go around it, in the middle of the vegetation,," one of the adventurers said.

"Maybe we could climb it? Or would it be too high?" another adventurer pondered.

"No!" Gasha said, going foraward. "I will destroy it with my bat!"

Gasha wants to roll to smash the boulder using Teeth, please!

Thank you!

2021-02-14 08:44:57

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

Gasha squares up in front of the boulder as her companions look on...

Gasha rolls an 18 +5, for a 23, succeeding!

The bolder is tough, but Gasha's bat is tougher! She swings her bat at the boulder, creating cracks in the stone at first, which slowly grow bigger until the boulder begins to crumble under Gasha's might!

After a few minutes of work, the boulder is reduced to gravel, and Gasha and her companions are able to pass right through easily.

You have earned 15 event points for this reply!

2021-02-14 13:40:49

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