Custom Item System + Other Updates!

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Mid-May Updates!

Hi everyone! We have some fun new updates for everyone, including a big new feature, and a few important updates!!

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Custom Items

Our Custom Item System is HERE!!!!! Check out this page for all the information, but our new Crafting Wizard friend is ready to aid in the creation of some fabulous new items! The custom item system allows for both private items, with one copy for the creator, and public items which will be sold by the wizard in their shop! If you have custom item tokens, now's the time to use 'em! (and remember our Emoji Contest has custom item tokens as a reward!!)

To celebrate our custom items system being released, we will be having a small raffle for some custom item tokens on our Discord Server!

Click here to view the Custom Items Page

Click here to view the Custom Item Shop

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Pride Shop Update

We have some good news and some bad news (ok well not THAT bad).... The bad news is that we now have TOO MANY pride items on site to be contained in one shop, but that's also good news because we have so many fun pride items! Winston's Shop is now two separate shops, one for Pride Accessories and one for Pride Collectibles! Keep an eye on both shops, we will be adding some new pride flag variations in time for pride next month!

Click here for the Pride Shop - Accessories

Click here for the Pride Shop - Collectibles

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Wishlists are here

This feature has been live for a little while now, but I forgot to announce it, whoops! We now have a Wishlist System on the site! Members can create various wishlists and add items to thier wishlist(s) by clicking the (+) icon on any item on the Item Database! Wishlists can be accessed under the "My Stuff" tab, and will be useful for keeping tabs on stuff you wanna collect!

Click here to View Wishlist Page

Click here to view the item database

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Other updates!!!

Update on Design Updates: In the past, we did not have a policy on updating Masterlist Art without any sort of design update, after some staff discussion we have decided to allow art updates without any design changes. Art updates will cost a flat fee of 50 treats! As of now there is no limit or cooldown, but we reserve the right to add a limit if needed.

More Alias Options: This feature is still a work in progress, but we have added Tumblr as verification options for accounts! We will be working to add Twitter and Imgur verification and get them up and running soon! This means that in order to create an account, you do not need a Deviantart Account, and can use a Tumblr account as verification instead! To edit your Aliases, you can go to the aliases page here!


We hope you enjoy these updates!!!


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