Dungeon Doggos Chapter 4

Created: 17 February 2021, 11:47:16 CST
Last updated: 21 February 2021, 11:11:04 CST

"Great job finding creative solutions everybody!" Alabaster says, wagging his tail, during this game he's been generous but fair with his players, wanting to give everyone a very fun first game.  With everyone finally making it inside the castle, Alabaster takes a moment to set a new playmat on the table, most of it obscured with pieces of black construction player placed over the top of the map.

Chapter 4 - The Halls

The interior of the castle is dark and musty, there are a few adventurers with spells or torches to cast some light, but also plenty of adventurers who can see well enough in the dark that creep forward down the various hallways. As the adventurers start to explore, they notice that the hallways twist and turn, and each one is unique even though they are interconnected. Which hallway will your character take?

Select a "random" hallway below (or roll a six sided dice at home for your choice!) and reply below with how your character navigates the challenges ahead!

  1. As you're walking down this hallway, you start to feel disoriented, the shadows begin to flicker on the walls, forming frightening shapes, some sort of magic must be afoot! Can your character shake these scary feelings?
  2. This hallway seems to go on and on forever, and your character can't seem to find the end, no matter how far they go. There's gotta be some trick to this, how do they figure it out?
  3. This hallway seems still, too still... and your character realizes why pretty quickly, the hallway is laden with traps! How do they navigate past the various trip wires and other hidden pitfalls?
  4. As you head down this hallway, the going is fairly easy, though after walking a long time, the path is barred by a pile of rubble. How does your character get through?
  5. After travelling down this hallway for a bit, your character comes face to face with a locked door, on the walls on either side, there are various drawings and words, certainly there must be a clue among them..
  6. As you head down this hallway, it starts getting darker and darker, until you find yourself in complete darkness. How does your character continue on?



Response Guidelines:

  • All responses must include the link to the Character Sheet Gallery Entry, so the staff can reference your character sheet
  • If you would like to roll using your stats for one of your character's actions, please specify what you are doing for the roll, and which Stat you are using (Teeth, Paws, Nose, or Tail)
    • Rolls will be rolled by Staff, using a 20 sided dice, and will either be a Success (11-20) or a Failure (1-10). There is no penalty for failure, but you will get bonus Event Points for successes!
  • There is no time limit to respond to each story moment, but they must be responded to in the  order posted
  • Each response must be at least 50 words
  • You may use multiple characters throughout the story, but each member can only respond to each Chapter up to three times
    • Member responses may be whatever combination of characters, such as three characters each responding once, or one character responding three times through a reply chain
  • Members will receive 5 Event Points for responses that are at least 50 words, 5 bonus Event Points for "inspiration" (aka: utilizing whats on your character sheet) and 5 points if they perform a roll and it's successful


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Rolled a 1: As you're walking down this hallway, you start to feel disoriented, the shadows begin to flicker on the walls, forming frightening shapes, some sort of magic must be afoot! Can your character shake these scary feelings?

Mochius isn't crazy about the idea of splitting up, but the castle is huge and their party is only so big. They all nod and head their separate ways after someone suggests, though Mochius stands frozen in spot for a moment. Finally, she looks around. Her companions have all already been swallowed up by the darkness and she's left the figure out a route on her own.

She chooses a random hallway. They all look pretty much the same in the gloom. Her paw trembles as she holds her torch out in front of her, but she does her best steady herslf.

As she glides through the hall, she keeps her eyes trained ahead of her, searching for doorways or other halls that might lead to their goal. At first, the flickering on the walls is subtle and she hardly notices. But the deeper she goes, the more obvious it becomes. It's as if someone's making shadow puppets with the light from her torch and she swears she can see distinct figures on the walls. She freezes. Quickly looking behind and around her, she confirms that she's alone. She waves her torch towards the wall and the shadows dissipate like any normal shadow would.

Shaking her head, she continues on, but the shapes on the wall are keeping pace with her, lingering just in her peripheral vision. Her paws shake harder. She reaches for her boomerang and grips it tightly with her free paw. She has to get out of here! She decides to roll Paws to see if she can make a quick escape. Dexterity wasn't exactly her best feature, but she hopes the adrenalin will help her pull through.

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