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Follow the plot along and discover the source of magic!


There are some mysterious happenings going on in the Puppillars world, follow along with our first ever plot and have an exciting and illumination adventure, where lots of new details about the Puppillars world will be revealed!

Plot how-to:
  1. All Plots can be completed once per Member,  and all steps of the plot quest must be completed to consider the full quest completed for bonus rewards. All steps must be completed in the order presented!
  2. Create your art or writing of your Character on their plot quest!
    1. For this prompt, each step will have different requirements, posted along with the step
  3. Submit your art/writing to the Source of Magic Plot Gallery
  4. For each step, submit your artwork or writing to this prompt
    1. For the URL section, please include the link to the gallery submission
    2. In the comments section, Please include the step you are completing, and any other comments you have for the staff
  5. Repeat until you have completed all the steps to complete the quest to earn prizes for each part and a special award for completing the entire plot!
Plot Activity Guidelines:
  1. Members do not need to own a Puppillars characters in order to participate, members are free to use any of our NPCs, or draw other member's characters (with their permission!)
  2. Main Activities must be submitted to the Source of Magic Plot Gallery, and must be submitted to the Plot: Source of Magic Prompt to receive the designated rewards and count for plot participation
  3. Art/writing submissions must be worth at least 20 treats to be valid for plot participation and individual advancement
    1. Details on Treat values for art/writing can be found at our Currencies, Items, and Awards Page
  4. Members can complete each activity once per member

Follow along with the Plot Story here: 
Plot Step Stories | Journal of Rover Wagstaff

Plot Steps

Step 1: Magic Malfucntions?

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As reported by Jake Barker,  something is amiss with magic in the puppillars world! Magic is a part of daily life in this world, but magic seems to be on the fritz, causing issues for puppillars and snailcats throughout the land. Though we're not sure of a cause yet, maybe collecting more firsthand data will help us figure out what to do...

Main Activity:  Depict your character having issues with magic, or coming across another puppillar/snailcat having issues with magic

Plot Step Prize(s)

For completing this Main Activity, members will be rewarded with a Major Magic Potion


Step 2: Into the Archives!

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Time to help out and try to get to the bottom of all this trouble with magic! The archives at the University of New Barkston has a lot of info, so all these helping paws will useful in seeing if there's anything of use in the history and general ephemera the university has collected over the years. It will also be fun to just see what kind of interesting information the archives has in store!

Main Activity:  Depict your character looking through the archives at the university, including a depiction of the category of interest they are looking through (this can be anything, history, sports, food, architecture, etc!)

Plot Step Prize(s)

For completing the Main Activity, members will be rewarded with 100 Treats and a Rare Snailcat MYO!

Treats<a href=

Step 3: Those who know magic!

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We're hot on the trail of working out how to restore magic to the world, and our biggest lead right now involves tracking down puppillars (or snailcats) who have a deep connection to magic to learn thier insights on how to help the situation! Whether it be tracking down a hermit, getting a fortune telling from Stella, or asking a local legenday puppillar, every lead could lead to the answer!

Main Activity:  Depict your character tracking down a lead (such as travelling to visit a more reculusive witch/wizard) or chatting with an easier to reach lead, such as Milton, Stella, a Legendary Puppillar/Snailcat (with the owner's permission!) or a new character invented for this prompt!

Plot Step Prize(s)

For completing the Main Activity, members will be rewarded with a Mini Magic Potion and 100 Treats!

Treats<a href=

Step 4: Tracking down magic pockets!

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Thanks to the help of a few puppillars and snailcats with strong connetctions to magic, a symptom of our world's magic being on the fritz has been discovered, stray pockets of magic have appeared on the continent. Now that we are able to detect these pockets of magic, its time to go out there and see what's happening with these pockets, and if we can do something with them to help the situation! 

Main Activity:  Depict your character interacting with a pocket of stray magic! These pockets can cause some crazy random magical effects, so use your imagination to decide what happens to your character when they interact with the pocket of magic. Any effects or changes are temporary, so feel free to have some fun changing yoyr character's appearance, or depicting them with a fun new magic power!

Plot Step Prize(s)

For completing the Main Activity, members will be rewarded with 5 Arcane Motes (enough to buy an Arcane Fauna MYO)!

Arcane MoteArcane MoteArcane MoteArcane MoteArcane Mote

Step 5: The Big Dig!

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Thanks to the united efforts Puppillars, Snailcats, and Arcane Fauna, the source of the stray magic has been tracked to a mysterious blocked cave, now its time to work together again to keep following the trail through the rubble of the cave! We must be close to the source of all this trouble!

Main Activity:  Depict your character travelling to, or helping out at the dig site at the mysterious cave! Are they assisiting with the digging itself, or helping with keeping morale up? Did they find anything interesting amid the rubble?

Plot Step Prize(s)

For completing the Main Activity, members will be rewarded with a Common Puppillar MYO Coin!!

<a href=

For completing every plot step, Members will recieve an Award (TBD) and some special items (also TBD)!
To claim these completion prizes, please submit to this prompt with a link to each completed step!



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