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After a lot of research at the University of New Barkston, the path forward had become clear for Jake Barker, Rover Wagstaff, and all helping them find out how to fix the magic of the Puppillars world. Magic is all around us, and a part of daily life, but there are those out there who are more in tune with our continent's magic, and in our research it was discovered that our ancestors sought the help of those who know magic, so that's where the team heads next, the mystics, the wizards, the legendary, and anyone else with a strong connection to magic. 

The call to action went out on Jake's Show,the Daily Bark, with Rover in tow was well:

Jake Barker: Our research paid off, didn't it Rover? And its all thanks to everyone out there who came on down and helped out!

Rover Wagstaff: Yes, it certainly did! I was pleasantly surprised by how many of your viewers showed up, and they were certainly all amazing to work with, I think we managed to comb though a very large portion of the archives, an amazing feat! Thank you all for all the help!

JB: Never underestimate the power of the people! Especially those with the good taste of liking this show. Now, for those of you that haven't heard the details, we were able to find the info we need-

RW: In a cookbook no less!

JB: Yes, in a cookbook, and it looks like that our ancestors have faced this before, and they got help from fellow puppillars who had lots of experience with magic. So here we are, planning on following their footsteps.

RW: Yes, to anyone out there who has a strong connection to magic, please call into this show when you can, or visit me at the University and lend a hand!

(later on in the show)

JB: Hello caller, you're on the line!

Stella Fortuna: Umm, yes hello, I'm Stella, I'm calling because I'm a fortune teller, my connection to our world's magic might not be as strong as someone who works directly with magic, but I channel our world's magic when I tell people's fortunes!

JB: Ohhh, how cool! Thanks for calling in Stella, how has your magic been since the incidents started?

SF: Oh, things have been strange that's for sure, whenever I read the cards there's an energy that's off, like something is hurting... I haven't really been able to determine more. Maybe if I delve into it more... but as I said, those who work more directly with magic may be able to help more!

RW: Is there anyone you happen to know that works with magic more directly?

SF: Ohh, well most of those types are more recluisve like... witches, hermits, et cetera, but there are a few folks out there that are easier to reach, have you guys ever met Milton? He's a pleasant wizard who mostly uses his magic to craft special items, though from what my grandma tells me, his magic is quite strong!

JB: Oh, Milton? I never realized he was that poweful, that's amazing! I had him make a gift for my neice last year! I'll have to go have a chat with him.

RW: Anyone else that you know Stella?

SF: Well, not personally but I do know that legendary puppillars have a strong connection to magic, maybe they'll also have a sense of what's going on as well...

JB: Well, definitely avenues to persue, thank you so much for calling in!

SF: And of course, my readings are always open if anyone needs one, just head on over to my stall!!

PLOT STEP Three: Those who know magic


We're hot on the trail of working out how to restore magic to the world, and our biggest lead right now involves tracking down puppillars (or snailcats) who have a deep connection to magic to learn thier insights on how to help the situation! Whether it be tracking down a hermit, getting a fortune telling from Stella, or asking a local legenday puppillar, every lead could lead to the answer!

Main Activity:  Depict your character tracking down a lead (such as travelling to visit a more reculusive witch/wizard) or chatting with an easier to reach lead, such as Milton, Stella, a Legendary Puppillar/Snailcat (with the owner's permission!) or a new character invented for this prompt!

Mini Activity: Stella will be telling fortunes over at her stall all month! For this mini activity, members may comment on this news post using one of Stella's fortune telling methods to tell your own fortune. To recieve credit you must list the cards you drew and outline the interpretation of the cards you've made.

Activity Guidelines:
  1. Members do not need to own a Puppillar or Snailcat in order to participate, members are free to use any of our NPCs, or draw other member's characters (with their permission!)
  2. Main Activities must be submitted to the Source of Magic Plot Gallery, and must be submitted to the Plot: Source of Magic Prompt to receive the designated rewards and count for plot participation
  3. Art/writing submissions must be worth at least 20 treats to be valid for plot participation and individual advancement
    1. Details on Treat values for art/writing can be found at our Currencies, Items, and Awards Page
  4. Members can complete each activity once per member (for the mini activity, members are welcome to ask more than one question, but can only get the prize once).
Plot Step Prize(s)

For completing the Main Activity, members will be rewarded with 100 Treats!


For completing the Mini Activity, members will be rewarded with a Fortune Telling Deck Item!


If the plot participation threshold is met, a Journal Entry by Rover Wagstaff, a new lore entry involving magic users,  and another reveal that will build onto our next plot step!



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