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Created: 26 March 2023, 18:23:19 CDT
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"Hi there! Are you looking to have your fortune told?  The name's Stella, and I may be young but the magic of fortune telling has been passed down in my family for generations! My great great great great grandma even helped to restore magic in the world, way back in the day! I mainly tell fortunes via cards, though there are other means, my connection to the cards is the strongest!"


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Card Meaning*


Jouneys and being away from home, afield also can be interpreted as an adventure or specific mission or quest that makes you leave home. Travelling can be interpreted as a good or bad thing, depending on your view point.

The duality shown on the card is also part of the meaning, this card can mean needing balance in one's life, or can be interpreted as the passage of time, with both the sun and the moon being depicted on the card.



This card can directly refer to puppillars with aquatic traits, maybe one in your life, or one you have yet to meet. Aquatic puppillars are often known for thier adaptability, seeing as they can live underwater or ln land, so this card can be interpreted as needing to adapt or be flexible.

The positioning of the aquatic pupp's tail can also be part of the interpretation, since its diving under the water it can represent shyness or hiding.



Butterflies represent the culmination of a long journey, or a lot of changes, many will often interpret a butterfly card to mean the work they have been putting in will be fruitful.

Butterflies are also a thing of beauty in the world, and the card can be interpreted as beauty or something delicate and airy.



The caterpillar card represents beginnings, the start of something new, or perhaps a new oppurtunity coming one's way. Of course the caterpillar card can also represent puppypillars (and even snailkittens) as the babies of puppillar society.

Caterpillars can also represent vulnerability and youth, or needing help in a situation and not knowing every answer. 



The claw card often represents the strength and dexterity of the person seeking thier fortune, drawing a claw card can indicate that you have to put a lot of effort into something you want to accomplish.

Claws can also hold other meanings for puppillars or snailcats, some may consider thier claws a point of beauty, others may consider them a weapon to be taken quite seriously.



The meaning of the elemental card can be fairly easy to interpret, but narrowing down which element is relevant to the fortune can be difficult. The four combined elements are often a representation of the world as a whole, as well as the individua elements.

Of course, this card can also represent a puppillar or snailcat with elemental traits, or those with elemental traits as a whole.



The extras card can represent abundance, both in a postive and negative light. An abundance may be great, or it may cause more stress if one has too much on their plate. With eyes as the representation of the card, this card can also represent having to be careful or observant in ones affairs, or a group, either general or specific.

This card, like the other special trait cards, can also represent puppillars with the extras trait.



Home represents a lot for puppilars, besides the literal definitions, the home card often represents safety, family, and sometimes even the nostalgia of a childhood home. 

This card also represents secret glades in general, or a specific one. As such it can also represent the hidden or secret aspect of a secret glade. Sometimes drawing this card means there is a secret you have to figure out.



This card quite literally represents the land itself, whether it be the continent, or more specific area of land within it. The layout of this card, with its mountains and plateau can represent a bumpy journey, but one that is more difficult at the beginning, reading the layout from left to right.

The land also encompasses the soil itself, as well as things such as farming or foraging which depends on the land.



There are many types of love in the world, romantic, platonic, familial, and even more, and this card encompasses any type of love, and the relationships that entails. Some will interpret this card as a specific loved one, namely a mate or partner, though it can also represent a large group of loved ones.

The love card also represents the heart and feelings, going with your heart rather than your head which would be more logical. As such the heart also represents kindness and compassion for others, and trusting one's feelings.



The magic card is an important and powerful card, but also one that can have lots of wide interpretations. Magic is represented with an infinity symbol here, showing that magic is all encompassing and can take infinite forms. To draw a magic card can mean that you will need magic on your side in the days to come, which is something that you just have to be lucky and hope it happens.

This card also represents magical abilities or puppillars with magic themselves, but even so can be a fickle card, since you can never be sure what exact magic it refers to. Though magic is also powerful in this world, and having it on your side even without knowing the specifics is a good thing.



The moon is quite important in puppillars culture, and represents power and community. Even though puppillar societies have evolved and we know more about the moon, traditions such as the Festival of the New Moon persist. The moon is generally a good omen, and considered something that can be depended on.

The moon card also represents cycles and the passage of time. While the crescent moon is depicted and sometimes interpreted as such, this card represents every phase of the moon.



A puppillar's and snailcat's sense of smell is thier most powerful sense, so the nose card represents the senses and one's skills at observation and being aware of one's surroundings. Scent is important to puppillars and snailcats alike, its important to take time and get all the information one needs about a situation.

Both puppillars and snailcats can leave info for others to find via things like scent marking, so the nose can also represent these messages, or correspondance in general.



The pupa represents transitions and transitional times for puppillars, as puppypillars briefly pupate before they reach adulthood. Though the pupa is still, these transitional periods are often considered to take a considerable effort, both before the pupa and during, so the pupa can also represent hard work.

The pupa card also can represent safety and stillness, a calm in the middle of a chaotic period. Pupas are delicate, so they are often protected by family and friends, so this card can also represent something to protect.



As with the other special trait cards, the reptile card can represent reptile puppillars in general or a specific puppillar with reptile traits. Reptile puppillars are often thought of as tough and strong, so this card can also represent those aspects, especially toughness which is directly reflected with the appearance of reptile scales on the card.

The scales of the reptile card can also represent a group effort and working together to form something bigger. As each scale interlocks, this card can be interpreted as the connections between individuals.



For many, the sea is a mysterious entity, and this card is often interpreted as such. The vast sea beyond our continent is largely unexplored, even by aquatic puppillars, and as such this card can represent the undiscovered and wild. The large waves can represent how wild and unpredictable the sea can be.

The sea card can also represent other types of water, such as seas or rivers, or even such things as a flow of forward motion that's inevitable. Currents can be strong, and once one is within one, they can be hard to escape. Those who draw this card sometimes interpret it as a warning to go with the flow.



This card represents the sky and all things associated with it, such as the wind, as depicted on the card, and other forms of weather as well. Weather can be pleasant, or a hinderance or even dangerous, so this card's interpretaions can vary as wildly as the weather as well.

The sky also symbolizes flight and the freedom that comes with it, especially for puppillars and snailcats who are able to fly. For those that can't fly, the sky can possibly be interpreted as a lofty goal that can't be reached.



The slug card represents simplicty and taking things slow. Drawing this card may sometimes be an indication that the simplest solution is sometimes the best one, or to slow down and think about one's options.

Slug can also represent snailcats with no shells, who are hardy enough to live without a home on thier backs, so this card can also represent determination and being hardy.



The snail card often represents snailcats themselves, either an individual, or snailcats in general. As such this card also represents things like self-sufficiency, and speed and racing, as they are popular among snailcats.

The snail card also can represent reliability, as snails are able to rely on the shell on thier back as a home or shelter. If you draw this card, you can interpret it as being able to rely on  individuals in your life, or even yourself or any current plans.



The star card is typically a good card to draw, as it often represents the positive and beautiful. Stars can represent beauty and wonder, as well as things like wishes or goals, all of which can be interpreted quite postively in a fortune.

The star card can also represent careful consideration and observation, as one would act when stargazing or mapping the constellations in the night sky. As a single star is present on the card, it can also often represent the individual, rather than a group.



The sun represents all things bright and, of course, sunny! This card represents the light and the day time, and as such also can represent something like the work day or school day, or anything else that is typically done during the day time.

The sun often represents a comfort for many, especially snailcats. A nap in the sun or light during a dark time is an important comfort, and the sun card can also represent the warmth of comfort and happiness.



Body language, especially using the tail, is very important in puppillar communication. The tail card can represent communication, which can mean opening up to others or making sure you are getting your point across the way you mean to, without any misinterpretation.

The tail card also can represents emotions, since a puppillars mood can often be seen in thier tail. Depending on what card(s) its drawn with, this can be a warning to be open about your feelings, or to keep them more guarded.



Along with the claws, teeth are what puppillars and snailcats use to fight. This card can represent conflict, both physical and non-physical, and can be an omen that you're in for trouble.  

The teeth card also represents strength and tenacity, for when you get into those fights, your teeth can be what back you up. As such this card can also be interpreted as the force or anger behind a bite.



Everyone knows treats, they're what make the world go round, whether it be money wise of just tasty snack wise. This card can represent money and wealth in general, which does come in many forms!

Generally the treat card is a positive one to draw, though there can be other interpretations, as easily as it can represent the gaining of wealth it can also represent the need to spend your wealth.

*meanings are flexible, the listed themes and meaning are always up for personal interpretation


How to tell your fortune

Now that you're familiar with the cards, time to learn how to read fortunes! Fortune telling can be very personal, so the most important thing is to find a system that works for you. Here are a few different methods:

Using a deck of 48 cards, two of each attribute
(click here for a randomized spinner wheel of the deck)
(click here for a list of the full deck of cards, so you can randomize it as you will)

Stella's Old Reliable: Draw a few pairs of cards (up to the individual, but usually 3-5), and then interpreting each pair as one fortune, and at the end drawing one card that acts as a lucky attribute!

Tarot Three Card Spread: Draw three cards, the first represents the past, the second the present, and the third the future.

Specific Question: While shuffling (or randomizing) ask a question and one card, using it to interpret an answer to your question.

Connection Fortune: Draw two cards for you, and two for whoever you are testing your connection is. Interpret for the general meanings, but also take into account any opposites among the pairs, which can be a bad omen for a relationship.

Match Game: Lay out all the cards and flip two over at a time until you find a match, that match is a strong attribute in your life, can continue on and interpret the next few matches as well. Also, just a fun game!