Art Fight 2022 and July Puppypillar Raffle!

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Conclusion 8/4: What a great art fight we had this year! It was super fun seeing everyone's art and it looks like everyone had a ton of fun! The raffle has been rolled, the results can be seen here, but the winners are Pooka Zevhara AcuteExposure and Mulch !! Congrats to the winners, you will be contacted shortly!


Happy art fight everyone!!


It's that time of year again, Art Fight is back once again and as we have in previous years, we are celebrating Art Fight over a Puppillars! For anyone who may not know, Art Fight is an annual gift art game where anyone is free to join over at the Art Fight Website! Since its a bust art month for a lot of people, we don't have any specific events going on in July, but we do increase our gift art bonus over at Chance's Gacha Generosity! For the duration of Art Fight, all Gift Art earns DOUBLE rolls on Chance's Chance, and all submissions of giftart made for Puppillar Members will be allowed, even art of non-puppillar characters! When submitting this art, you can use the Art Fight link or another platform, and please include the member's site name! This is a great time to rack up some treats and gacha tokens to get some nice stuff for yourself, all by giving gifts and doing your normal participation in Art Fight (so also remember to upload Puppillar related art to our gallery for treats)! If you are not participating in art fight, gift art not made for art fight also qualifies for the bonuses! 

To add on to the celebration this year, we are also rolling a Puppypillar Raffle into our Art Fight celebration! As well as the Chance Bonuses, each gift art completed during Art Fight will earn a ticket to our July 2022 Puppypillar Raffle!!

  • Each gift art completed earns one ticket, regardless of type/level of art, and all gift art qualifies, even if its not for art fight
  • All tickets must be claimed via Claims, and you can add multiple giftarts in each claim (so don't forget that you need to do both the prompt and the claim for full rewards!)
  • The prizes for the raffle will be Four Choices of either a Puppypillar Breeding or Puppypillar custom by Provie !

Art Fight's end date may be extended, so both the Bonuses and the Raffle will end after Art Fight has ended, even with any extensions!

Click here to see Chance's Prompt

Click here to see the Raffle

Click here to visit the Art Fight site


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