Introducing Snailcats!!!

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The cat's out of the bag!

Hi everyone!!! Big exciting news today, with the introduction of our first Subspecies, Snailcats!!!!! 


This is Jasper, our first NPC Snailcat!

Snailcats can be used in our ARPG, just like Puppillars, and co-habitate the Puppillar world! To introduce them better, we have put together a handy dandy guide on Snailcats,  just like we have for Puppillars!

Click here to see the snailcat guide!

One of the exciting things about Snailcats is that Snailcat MYOs will only available for purchase using our ARPG currency. All MYO levels will always be available in Apollo's Shop, including a special One Time Free Snailcat MYO, so that each member can start out with one free new friend (or start out with one free character if they are new)! So go claim your free friend today!!

In addition to the MYOs, Provie has also created four Snailcat Adopts in order to celebrate the new subspecies! Each has a startind bid of only $5!



Click here to check out the auction!

Now that the (snail)cat's out of the bag, we'll tell you a secret, the special prize for completing all three prompts for the Garden Event will be a Super Rare Snailcat MYO! So if you want one, you have a little bit of time to squeeze those entries in! If anyone is interested in an extension on the event, let us know in the comments, and we'll see if there's enough interest!

We have been sitting on these babies for a WHILE! Remember the snailcat racing from last year's carnival? We hope you love these new friends as much as we do! We look forward to everyone's creative designs!



Two more small news items!

First off, in order to have some Magic Potions in circulation, Chance has a stock of both Mini and Major Magic Potions in his Gacha Shop,  available for purchase in Gacha Tokens! If you need Gacha Tokens, remember you can earn them by doing gift art for others and submitting it to Chance's Gacha Generosity, which can be found in our prompts section!

Second, there's currently an issue where we can't price shop items for 0 treats, which means we have temporarily priced the Welcome Gift and Free Snailcat MYO Shell at 1 treat each. If you would like to grab either now, we can refund your treat through claims! Just submit a claim and we will dispense 1 whole treat. Sorry for the inconvienience!  This issue has now been fixed! If you purchased a "free item" before it was fixed, you may still send a claim for a refund!


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