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Petey's Arcane Emporium is now stocking Arcane Fauna MYO Choice ticket, for anyone who is indecisive or wants to give them away, and Petey is also now stocking Mini, Major, and Transfiguration Magic potions at steep prices for those who may not want a MYO but wanna have something to save up for!

I am considering moving magic potions out of Chance's Shop, but will probably save the decision til after this year's Puppillars Suvrey to see what you guys think, but feel free to sound off in the comments if you have opinions, or if you have any feedback on the Magic Potions prices!

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Shrike She/Her

I personally like having something fun to save up Gacha tokens for (since I'm not much of a gambler and don't always need the treats) but liking the addition to the Emporium a lot, that works great thematically!

2023-10-05 17:29:36

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