Snailkitten Guide

Created: 25 March 2023, 18:31:10 CDT
Last updated: 25 March 2023, 18:32:09 CDT



Baby Snailkittens are small and semi-translucent! They are pretty squishy but also quite resiliant, as with puppypillars they can take care of themselves well with thier instincts, though in today's society they don't usually need to rely on these instincts. All snailkittens have similar head traits to thier adult counterparts, with snail eyestalks and rounded cheek nubs. Snailkittens are all semi translucent when they are born, mostly in the paws and the snail tail, and also are born without shells, which develop later in life. Snailkittens love to sleep, since growing takes a lot of energy.

magic marking

All snailkittens are born without shells, but they all have a magic marking on thier back which is an inidcator of what their shell will be when they grow up (though with the use of magic, their "fate" can be changed). The most common magic marking is a swirl, which usually turns into a typical snail shell once the snailkitten grows up.  Even snailkittens that grow up to not have any shell will have a magic marking, sometimes its an indicator of something else like a marking on thier adult design, or perhaps a magical ability!

Snailkittens can "grow up" in the ARPG and have their design replaced with the grown up version (though of course the snailkitten design will still be archived on the masterlist). For full details on the growth process, please see our Puppypillar/Snailkitten Tutorial.

HOW TO OBTAIN A Snailkitten

Paid Breeding: The main way to obtain a snailkitten is through breeding, where a staff artist will create a snailkitten design (or designs) for you based off two "parent" snailkittens. Occasionally, we may also offer these types of breedings for free via raffle or event. For a complete guide to breeding, see our Puppypillar/Snailkitten Tutorial.

Breeding Raffles: Occasionally there will be breeding raffles, which work a little differently! For these free raffles, a batch of snailkittens will be created, the owners of the parent(s) will get to choose a snailkitten to keep for free, and the rest of the snailkittens will be raffled off to help make snailkittens more obtainable. 

Adopts and Customs: Occasionally, we will have premade snailkitten adopts for sale, or as raffle or event prizes. You are also able to commission a staff artist for a custom snailkitten if you want a more specific design, or don't want to use a "parent" as inspiration. All info for artist customs can be found at our Artist Customs page.