Things to do

Created: 26 February 2021, 09:05:06 CST
Last updated: 6 April 2024, 22:39:17 CDT

There are many fun activities to participate in in the Puppillars ARPG! Below you will find all the activities available, and some details about them. Go forth and have fun!

Check out any Current Events
View the News Here
Sometimes there are limited time events, or even new features, and they are all always posted on our news page! Limited events are varied but are always fun ways to earn extra treats or special prizes! New features, updates, and all other types of important stuff is posted in the news as well, so if you're looking for something to do, looking at the latest news posts is always a good first step!

Go Adventuring or Questing!
View Adventuring Info Here | See the Open Adventures Here | See the Open Quests Here
Complete art or writing of your character exploring a location, or going on a quest, and earn exclusive items and awards! Adventures and Quests can be completed at your own pace!

Get Daily Rewards!
Check out all currently available dailies here
Take a chance and collect some fun daily rewards! Earn some treats from selling the items you get from dailies, or simply collect them for fun. Check back as new dailies are sometimes added!

Create Art for the Gallery 
View the Entire Gallery here | Find our Gallery Tutorial Here
Any art you create of your puppillars characters can be submitted to our gallery to earn our site currency, Treats, which can in turn be used to purchase items in our shops!

Take on a Challenge
View the Challenges page here
Puppillars has various challenges members can work on at thier own pace, including a character development challenge, and fun seasonal prompt challenges with exclusive prizes!

Collect Some Items
View the Shops here | See our item database here | View the Custom Items info here
Once you've earned some Treats, you can buy items in the shops. There are items such as MYOs to create new characters, and items to collect (in both your own inventory and your character's inventories). You can also create custom items through our custom items system, either for your own use, or for public use!

Earn Gacha Tokens by Creating Gifts
View the Prompt | View the Gacha Shop
If you draw gift art for someone else's puppillars characters, you can earn a special bonus from Chance's Gacha Generosity, either some binus treats or a Gacha Token if you're lucky. Gacha Tokens can be spent at Chance's Shop to get some special items, or to buy Gacha Capsules, which contain random items, the rarity and chances of rare items increases as the rarity of capsule goes up.

We always have things in the works, check back later for more fun activities and events coming soon!