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You're on the line with Jake from the Daily Bark! Please tell me all about your experience with magic, what kind of issues have you seen?

2023-01-01 13:32:03 (Edited 2023-01-01 13:32:46)

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"Good afternoon, my name is Rexy" they answered the voice from the phone.
"What seems to be the magic trouble, Rexy?" the voice asked and Rexy started to explain what they've just seen.
"I was just on a stroll in Bark Park when a fluffy puppillar's coat got covered in coal! But there was no coal around, it's as if it was magic! And the pup itself seemed in distress from the sudden coal as well, so i don't think it was some magic on purpose. Is that what you're looking for?"
Rexy breathed in, finally letting their thoughts out. The voice on the other end of the call stayed silent for a while, Rexy could only hear some scribbling with a pen.
"Thank you for informing us. This information seems to be valuable - remember to watch the news to learn about all the newest hot information!" and with that, the phone call ended.

2023-01-21 12:41:38

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"Thanks for your report! I can't imagine how disorienting it must be to have the magic you are so used to being able to use! Hopefully those with magic can cope.."

You have been granted a Mini Magic Potion!

2023-01-21 13:33:11

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PUP-273, Sasha, is here to call in!

"It was a normal day, right?" She says, in a way that implies she's gesturing vaguely on the other line. "Mars was trying to teach our kid, Skipper, some simple spells. She says that it's good to teach them while they're still young. All of the sudden, though, as Skipper's waving around their paws to do a simple light spell, but then they start floating - and then flying all over the place! Probably fun for a baby, but definitely not for us parents. It took us almost half an hour to catch them! I really hope this gets sorted out soon... Mars isn't happy about putting Skipper's studies on hold."

2023-01-08 12:04:36

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"Wow, that does sound kinda scary! I'm glad your little one is okay! I bet that there are little ones out there with innate abilities that could be in trouble as well, and those who are learning could get hurt too! This situation could be more serious than we thought!"

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2023-01-09 11:00:43

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PUP-320 (Irwin) trembles as they pick the phone

"H-hi!" they started, unsure on how to proceed. "Y-you have no idea of what I saw, Jake! It was so freaky! My roomate was using some magic to cook,. Says it tastes better this way, even if I think it's fine without it, you know what I mean? Anyway, the usual, right? Wrong! Suddenly the whole pan of food caught fire, as soon as he used the magic! It made our food become basically charcoal! It could have made the whole kitchen caught fire, can you imagine that?! That's so dangerous! I love your news so much, I watch it everyday, I'm a big fan! And when you talked about the weird incidents, I figured out this would fit right in! "

2023-01-02 04:11:43

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"Ohh, that sounds like it could be dangerous! You've heard it here listeners, be careful around magic, especially when it comes to stuff that could hurt someone!"

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2023-01-03 15:48:16

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PUP-324 (known locally as Bully) holds the phone close to his ear with his front set of paws.

"Oooh, Jake, yer never gonna believe this! I saw one o' them magic incidents ya were talkin' about on the news, all right! I was sittin' in the park, I was, mindin' me own business (as usual!) when I noticed a wee snailcat attempting to perform so' music for a group o' friends. Their shell was, eh, what're they called... a clarinert... no, a floot... no! An oboe! The shell was an oboe! And I heard that wee snil holler about how it wouldn't shrink down with tha use of their magic anymore! I thought that was right strange, and had to call in right away!"

Bully sits panting, pleased at having told his "tail" to the news...

2023-01-01 13:56:14