Comments on [Open] Puppillars Winter Advent - 28/31 Open!

Pooka Avatar

Comment here to offer on "Partridge in a Pear Tree" Snailcat
OTA with a $40 buyout

Preference: USD > Snailcats/Puppillars > Art

2022-11-13 17:10:27

Oboe Avatar

I can offer any (or multiple) Pupp/Snil MYOs:
Up to $40 of artwork (for example: four headshots, two full bodies, or one full body shaded with simple bg)
Examples here:

2022-11-15 07:38:15

Oboe Avatar

Editing to add:
I can design up to two designs using my MYOs for this offer!

2022-11-15 08:49:11