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Rolled a 1: As you're walking down this hallway, you start to feel disoriented, the shadows begin to flicker on the walls, forming frightening shapes, some sort of magic must be afoot! Can your character shake these scary feelings?

Mochius isn't crazy about the idea of splitting up, but the castle is huge and their party is only so big. They all nod and head their separate ways after someone suggests, though Mochius stands frozen in spot for a moment. Finally, she looks around. Her companions have all already been swallowed up by the darkness and she's left the figure out a route on her own.

She chooses a random hallway. They all look pretty much the same in the gloom. Her paw trembles as she holds her torch out in front of her, but she does her best steady herslf.

As she glides through the hall, she keeps her eyes trained ahead of her, searching for doorways or other halls that might lead to their goal. At first, the flickering on the walls is subtle and she hardly notices. But the deeper she goes, the more obvious it becomes. It's as if someone's making shadow puppets with the light from her torch and she swears she can see distinct figures on the walls. She freezes. Quickly looking behind and around her, she confirms that she's alone. She waves her torch towards the wall and the shadows dissipate like any normal shadow would.

Shaking her head, she continues on, but the shapes on the wall are keeping pace with her, lingering just in her peripheral vision. Her paws shake harder. She reaches for her boomerang and grips it tightly with her free paw. She has to get out of here! She decides to roll Paws to see if she can make a quick escape. Dexterity wasn't exactly her best feature, but she hopes the adrenalin will help her pull through.

2021-02-25 08:24:45

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The shadows loom over Mochius...

Mochius rolls an 18 - 3, for a total of 15, succeeding!

But she's able to overcome her fear, or at least harness it and run like the wind! The shadows flash all around her, getting slightly more frenzied for a moment, before completely dissipating, leaving her alone in a calm hallway, safe and sound, for now...

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2021-02-25 21:03:16

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Mochius slows down finally, her chest heaving as she tries to catch her breath. Looking around slowly, the flickering shadows seem to be gone. She lets out a shaky sigh of relief. Back to business!

She takes a long moment to examine the hallway. It's still eerily dark and she waves her torch around to try to pinpoint any landmarks in the gloom. The only thing she can spot is a door further down, the firelight glinting off the golden doorknob. With a sigh, she heads towards it. At least that meant she was making progress.

As she navigates the hall, however, she doesn't find herself getting any closer to the door. Narrowing her eyes, she speeds up, though she still doesn't seem to be closing in. "What's happening?" She murmurs to herself. Was this an illusion? More magical nonsense? Were the shadow creatures toying with her now? Her paws start to shake again. What should she do?

She decides to roll Nose. Maybe she can puzzle out if there's a trick to this door, and see if it's worth trying to reach or not.

2021-02-28 16:10:14

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The door stands before Mochius, taunting her as she's unable to approach...

Mochius rolls a 5 +3, for a total of 8, failing!

There definitely has to be some sort of magic afoot, but Mochius isn't exactly sure what kind of magic it is. Stumped, she takes a breather from trying to get closer to the door, taking some time to think.

As she takes her break, she notices that the door is slowly moving, but this time, its moving closer to her. Perhaps if she's quick enough she can grab the handle...

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2021-03-01 20:00:03

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Mochius shakes her head. This is pointless! She doesn't know enough about magic to be able to puzzle it out. As she stands, panting and frustrated, she realizes with a start that the door is actually starting to approach her. She freezes. Is this another trick?

No, it still looks like it's getting closer! She holds her breath and waits, waits, waits, until finally it's almost within reach. Suddenly, she dashes forward and reaches for the doorknob.

She rolls Paws to see if she can get there in time.

2021-03-02 12:22:29