[Closed] Scene Doggos!

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OTA: PUP-300[Closed]
PuppillarSuper Rare
Design: Provie ・ Art: Provie

Autobuy: $25
1 week after first offer ・ Offer Here

USD > Art/Custom Designs > ARPG stuff

Auction: PUP-301[Closed]
Design: Provie ・ Art: Provie
Starting Bid: $15
Minimum Increment: $1
24 hours after staring bid ・ Bid Here

Update 11/12 : PUP-300 is now up for OTA offers, and has a $25 buyout price!
I am seeking, in order of preference:
USD > Art/Custom Designs > ARPG items/characters from Puppillars, World of Lingua, Fanteles, or Mothcats

Hello all! Have some fun little scene pupp adopts today! Our rainbow friend here even has the honor of being the 300th Puppillar on site!

These Puppillars will be auctioned, with SB and details posted alongside them above!

Please follow common courtesy! 
Only bid what you can actually afford!
Please follow the bid chain when bidding!
Please do not edit bid comments, if you wish to make a change please reply to your comment!



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Provie Staff Member
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Comment here to bid on PUP-301

2022-10-10 22:38:43 (Edited 2022-10-10 22:38:48)

Shane Avatar

provie u have tempted me .... Sb...

2022-10-11 12:37:51

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

Congrats! You have won the auction, I will DM you on discord about payment!

2022-10-13 09:38:48

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member
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Comment here to offer on PUP-300

2022-10-10 22:38:18 (Edited 2022-11-14 10:55:25)

andie Avatar
andie Staff Member

I'm willing to offer $50 worth of art, you can see examples and prices: https://andietc.carrd.co/#drawingcomms
Turnaround: ~2-5 days

Have a nice day!

2022-11-14 09:09:56

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

I'd love to accept this offer! I'll DM you on discord!

2022-11-20 11:16:23

AcuteExposure Avatar

I can offer any of my mothcats MYO stuff, or items!


2022-11-12 19:17:32

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