Submit a Custom Item

Submit a Custom Item

Category: General Prompts

Once its ready, submit your custom item using this prompt, filling out the form below!


Click here for all Information about our custom item system!

When you are ready to submit your custom item, please submit to this prompt with the following form:

Link to Item Approval: (please include a link to the comment where your item idea was approved by a staff member)
Name of Item: (what you want the item named on site)
Link to Image of item: (reminder that all images must be 100 by 100 and a transparent PNG file)
Description of Item: (what you want the item's on site description to be)
Public or Private: (will the item be private, aka only one copy, or publicly available to all members via the Custom Items Shop)

Don't forget to attach any Custom Item tokens or other fees to this prompt for payment


No rewards.