Dungeon Quest: Beast

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Go on a Grand Quest to defeat the Beast!


For full details about Questing, visit Leo at The Adventurer's Guild!

Take a seat at Dungeon Master Alabaster's table and get ready for a grand adventure! Alabaster sets the scene, a local village legend has been spotted again, a fearsome beast holed up in an ancient castle, said to be guarding a vast horde of treasure! As an player in the game, your adventurer will set out to find the treasure!

Adventuring how-to:
  1. All Quests can be completed once per Member, all chapters of the quest must be completed in order, and all chapters of the quest must be completed to consider the full quest completed for rewards. All steps must be completed in the order presented!
  2. Create your art or writing of your Character on their quest!
    1. For this prompt, the minimum requirements are a Fullbody with a Simple Background for art or 500 words for writing (unless otherwise specified)
  3. Submit your art/writing to the ARPG Art Gallery
  4. for each chapter, submit your artwork or writing to this prompt
    1. For the URL section, please include the link to the gallery submission
    2. In the comments section, Please include the chapter you are completing, and any other comments you have for the staff
  5. Repeat until you have completed all the chapters to complete the quest to earn prizes for each part and a special award for completing the entire quest!
Quest Chapters

Chapter 1: Character Sheet

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  • Complete a Character Sheet for the character you will use for this Quest
    • The Character sheet and instructions can be found here: Character Sheet Page
    • For this prompt, the minimum requirement for the Portrait section is a colored bust

Prizes for Completing this Chapter:

Pembroke Dice Set | Dungeon Doggos Handbook

Chapter 2: The Tavern

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"Ah, I see everyone has their character sheet filled out, excellent!" Alabaster says looking around the table with a smile. The table is arraigned with pencils for everyone to use, dice, and everyone's snacks and drinks. In the center of a table is a flat map grid, with a few figurines off to the side. Everyone is excited, expectantly waiting the beginning of thier grand adventure, Alabaster is patient, waiting a moment while Pupps take sips of their drinks and settle down...

The town Tavern is busy with customers tonight, mainly local farmers and regulars, but also with adventurers such as yourself. In this region, there are tales that a fearsome beast guards a vast treasure, and many seem to think they'll be the ones to get it. Looking around, many Pupps gather around tables in small groups, and a few people crowd around a well dressed bard playing a song on his lute. You've finished the meal you shared with your companions, and are glad to relax a bit before setting out for your adventure in the morning. You've been able to work out many of the details on how to make your way to the beast's lair, an old crumbling castle in the deep woods, but perhaps there's someone around that can tell you some information you might have missed. 

These scenes in the tavern lie before you:

  • There is a group of local farmers seated at the bar, discussing the local goings on
  • There is a group of rowdy Pupps playing some sort of dice game off in a corner
  • There's a small crowd listening to the Bard by the fire
  • The Tavern keeper is polishing a glass behind the bar
  • Your adventuring party is seated around a table with maps and such on the table, but are mostly just chit chatting at this point

What does your character do? They may talk to any of the above Pupps, or another Pupp not mentioned , or you may come up with something else entirely, within reason!

Prizes for completing this chapter:


Borrowed Map | Mug of Root Beer

Chapter 3: The Forest

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Alabaster is a very good Dungeon Doggos Master, he makes sure everyone has their turn in the spotlight, and is quick on his feet with  improv, even with some of the wacky things that the players have come up with. "Well, do you really want to start a fight with the Tavern Keeper?" he says calmly to a younger, feisty looking pupp. He explains a few more things, and the young pupp reconsiders and instead buys drinks for the  farmers to get some information on the nearby woods. "Good thinking, because after a nice night's rest, you and your companions find yourself traversing the thick local woods..."

You and your companions have done research on your route to the castle, but as adventurers you know that things can lurk in wooded areas. These woods seem fairly tame, and are beautiful to boot, so its nice to be around nature. As you make your way through the woods, there are a few interesting things that you stumble across...

Select a "random" encounter below (or roll a six sided dice at home for your encounter!) and reply below with how your character deals with it!

  1. Your character encounters a bandit camp, and luckily the bandits don't detect them, how do they deal with the bandits?
  2. Your character discovers a new type of plant in the deep forest, what does it look like and what magical properties does it have?
  3. Your character encounters a friendly animal (magical or non-magical), how does it aid them on their quest or help them make their way through the woods?
  4. Your character encounters a not-so-friendly animal (magical or non-magical), do they fight it? Or simply try to get away? How do they manage to best them?
  5. Your character has the chance to utilize one of their skills or talents to help navigate an obstacle in the woods. What's the obstacle and how do they help their party through it?
  6. Yourcharacter strays off the beaten path for a moment and discovers an oddity. What is it that they find? Is it useful, or detrimental to the quest?

Prizes for completing this chapter:

<a href=<a href=
Leafy Cloak | Bandit Plushie

Chapter 4: The Castle

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During the forest segment, Alabaster seems excited to jot down all sorts of notes about what the characters have done or found. He has a big grin on his face as he looks over his notes. "You all are going to make this very exciting," he says, "Let's take a brief break, so everyone can grab some snacks." He stretches his front most paws, "We shall re-convene in fifteen minutes, that should give me some extra time to plot about all this new stuff."  The pupps at the table agree enthusiastically, and start to filter in and out during the break, a few write down some of their own notes on their character sheets.

As promised, Alabaster starts up the game again waiting for everyone to get back, "After a long and eventful trek through the woods, your party arrives at their destination, a crumbling castle in a clearing of the thick woods..."

You finally reach the castle where the beast is said to have a lair. There's one problem though... There doesn't seem to be any way inside the castle! Your party circles the perimeter, finding no doors and no windows, just solid stone walls. But there must be way in, right? 

How does your character find a way into the seemingly impenetrable castle?  Do they discover a secret? Use a feat of athleticism? Feel free to use your imagination for a creative solution!

Prizes for completing this chapter:

<a href=Well Hidden Key" /><a href=Grappling Hook with Rope" />
Well Hidden Key | Grappling Hook with Rope

Chapter 5: The Halls

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"Great job finding creative solutions everybody!" Alabaster says, wagging his tail, during this game he's been generous but fair with his players, wanting to give everyone a very fun first game.  With everyone finally making it inside the castle, Alabaster takes a moment to set a new playmat on the table, most of it obscured with pieces of black construction player placed over the top of the map.

The interior of the castle is dark and musty, there are a few adventurers with spells or torches to cast some light, but also plenty of adventurers who can see well enough in the dark that creep forward down the various hallways. As the adventurers start to explore, they notice that the hallways twist and turn, and each one is unique even though they are interconnected. Which hallway will your character take?

Select a "random" hallway below (or roll a six sided dice at home for your choice!) and reply below with how your character navigates the challenges ahead!

  1. As you're walking down this hallway, you start to feel disoriented, the shadows begin to flicker on the walls, forming frightening shapes, some sort of magic must be afoot! Can your character shake these scary feelings?
  2. This hallway seems to go on and on forever, and your character can't seem to find the end, no matter how far they go. There's gotta be some trick to this, how do they figure it out?
  3. This hallway seems still, too still... and your character realizes why pretty quickly, the hallway is laden with traps! How do they navigate past the various trip wires and other hidden pitfalls?
  4. As you head down this hallway, the going is fairly easy, though after walking a long time, the path is barred by a pile of rubble. How does your character get through?
  5. After travelling down this hallway for a bit, your character comes face to face with a locked door, on the walls on either side, there are various drawings and words, certainly there must be a clue among them..
  6. As you head down this hallway, it starts getting darker and darker, until you find yourself in complete darkness. How does your character continue on?

Prizes for completing this chapter:

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Rose-Tinted Glasses | Rune Rock

Chapter 6: The Beast

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As the players make thier way through the castle, everyone gets more and more excited about their finds and their character's exploits. Alabaster cheers on the players as they go, and as they start to reach the center of  the castle, he pulls out something shrouded under some fabric, building up the environment before revealing a large statuette of the beast, a multi headed puppilllar with scales, fearsome claws, and fire breath, all hand painted by Alabaster himself!

As you step into the center of the castle, you enter a dark vast open space, its hard to tell exactly how vast it is because of how dark it is. At your feet lays a scattering on golden coins, its quiet in this chamber, but soon enough, it isn't. The room lights up with flames, emitting from the fearsome beast itself, sitting in the center of the massive room atop a glimmering pile of treasures.  Around the outskirts of the room, flames light in the wall sconces, giving everyone a view of the fearsome three-headed beast.

This is it, the final battle! Use all  your experience to best the beast, by however means possible!

Prizes for completing this chapter:

534-image.png<a href=
Golden Dice Set | Beast Plushie

and 150 treats 1-icon.png


No rewards.