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Hi everyone! A few brief announcements for you on this Friday night! Hope everyone had a good week, and is looking forward to a fun weekend! 


Comments are here!!

Thanks to the awesome work of andie and tgi comments are now live on our site! This means that you can now post comments on news posts, trade listing, and user profiles! This will be super awesome and give us a lot more flexibility with activities and events, and also help us to not rely on  deviantart for things like adopt sales!


New sales section is here!

Speaking of sales, we have a new Sales section,  which will be home for all our adoptable sales/auctions/OTAs going forward! This section works just like the news section, and has comments enabled as well, so it will be super easy to run all things adopt there!


Legendary auctions live!

As mentioned in the last news post, the custom Legendary Puppillar Auctions are live! The customs will be done by Startail and Monte so bid away! The auctions will end 24 hours after the last bid!


New shop items!

The result of last weekend's items stream are now available in the shops!

Three new bandanas are available in the Clothing Shop:


Six new companions are available in the Companion Shop

And these two fall gourds are available in the Garden Shop:


(these two items are available to purchase using treats!)


More new items coming soon!

The item art stream last week was super fun, so Provie is hoping to have more in the future! Keep an eye on the discord for any spur of the moment streams, and in the meantime, please use the comments to suggest new items of any type! 

Thanks for reading!

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Very exciting things!!!

2020-10-10 06:08:09

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