Transfiguration Magic is Here!

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Transfiguration magic is here!

As teased a little while ago, we have added a new type of magic trait, Transfiguration Magic! This type of magic is a very powerful magic that gives a character the ability to transfigure thier body into one type of other material, such as plushie/fabric or something like honey! Transfiguration is meant to be rare, but there are a few ways you can obtain a transfiguration magic potion:

  • The potions are available for purchase via Nuggies in the Nuggie Shack, with a price of 20 nuggies!
  • They are also available from Chance's Gacha shop for 8 Gacha Tokens
  • As with the other potion types, they are a rare drop in any adventuring area
  • And as with any item, they will be occasionally be available from events and such!

Looking to snag a potion? We will also be having a giveaway on our Discord Server of a few transfiguration magic potions, so keep an eye out for that to be posted!

As an extra little surprise, all existing characters that were made with the intent to have a similar aspect, or already had a similar aspect via Major Magic, has retroactively been granted the transfiguration magic trait! To see all characters who have had the trait added, click here! If you think I missed your character, feel free to DM me!

A big thanks to tgi for making the transfiguration potion item, it came out lovely and its great to have it match the others!

We hope you enjoy this new trait!


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