[Plot] Following the trail of magic

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"Hi everyone! Jake here, thanks for gathering here at the university on such short notice! Everyone's help investigating the magic pockets was really helpful, and  now with help from our new Arcane Fauna friends, we've been hard at work tracking down where all that stray magic was coming from! Arcane Fauna have a unique connection to and sense for magic, which has been extremely helpful  in following the trail of stray magic, and  we have finally pinpointed where the magic has been leaking from-"

"And isn't that fascinating! That our issues were  being caused by some errant magic! Well, I shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. The problems aren't all solved. the stray magic definitely was a factor, but we still have to figure out why there is magic stemming from this location..."

"Yes, thank you Rover, that will be our next step! As I was saying we have pinpointed where the stray magic is leaking from, and now we are planning our expedition to the location! And what is that location my dear turtledove?"

"Ah yes, the location! The trail of magic has led us to a large mountain with what looks like a collapsed cave entrance! How exciting, I know that many of us puppillars love to dig, so we will surely make quick work of this! And who knows what we will find beyond this rubble under the mountain?"

PLOT STEP THREE: The big dig!


Thanks to the united efforts Puppillars, Snailcats, and Arcane Fauna, the source of the stray magic has been tracked to a mysterious blocked cave, now its time to work together again to keep following the trail through the rubble of the cave! We must be close to the source of all this trouble!

Main Activity:  Depict your character travelling to, or helping out at the dig site at the mysterious cave! Are they assisiting with the digging itself, or helping with keeping morale up? Did they find anything interesting amid the rubble?

Mini Activity: This mini activity will take place on our Discord Server! For this activity, members will participate in a digital "dig" where they can select a square on our dig site, with members working together to reveal prizes, both big and small, underneath! Some prizes will be under one square, and others will only be revealed after a few squares near each other have been uncovered (similar to the game battleship)! Head on over to the #server-activities channel of our discord server to join in the dig!

Activity Guidelines:
  1. Members do not need to own a Puppillars characters in order to participate, members are free to use any of our NPCs, or draw other member's characters (with their permission!)
  2. Main Activities must be submitted to the Source of Magic Plot Gallery, and must be submitted to the Plot: Source of Magic Prompt to receive the designated rewards and count for plot participation
  3. Art/writing submissions must be worth at least 20 treats to be valid for plot participation and individual advancement
    1. Details on Treat values for art/writing can be found at our Currencies, Items, and Awards Page
  4. Members can complete each activity once per member
Plot Step Prize(s)

For completing the Main Activity, members will be rewarded with a Common Puppillar MYO Coin!!


For completing the Mini Activity, every member that participates will be rewarded with whatever is uncovered in the dig!


If the plot participation threshold is met before the end of the month, all of our plot step reveals will be revealed early, which include a Journal Entry by Rover Wagstaff, the end story of this chapter, and some more fun surpises!


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