Art Fight 2023!!

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Happy art fight!!

It's that time of year once again, Art Fight is back for another year, and as always we have some fun bonuses for the season! Since art fight is such a big event and a busy month for a lot of folks, we won't be having any other events this month, including our plot steps (which will resume in August!) 

For the duration of Art Fight, all gift art will earn DOUBLE rolls on Chance's Gacha Generosity!

  • This includes all gift art for puppillars members, regardless of the character (so even non-puppillars characters count!)
  • When submitting art of non-puppillars characters, please use the Art Fight link to the piece, and include the member's Puppillars username in the comment section
  • We have an art fight roll call posted in our Discord Server, where you can find links to members on Art Fight!
    • The roll call is optional, members can still own the bonus for members not on the roll call, or even members who have not been active on our site/discord. As long as they have an account on Puppillars, you can get the bonus!
  • Even if you are not particiapating in Art Fight, any gift art you do this month also counts for the bonus!
  • Remember to still upload any Art Fight art of puppillars characters to our Gallery to get those treats!

The bonus will go on for the entire duration of Art Fight, so if the event is extended, the bonus will be extended until the event officially ends!

Click here to see Chance's Prompt

Click here to visit the Art Fight site


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