August 16th News Roundup!

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Hello all! We have been working behind the scenes to update some stuff and add some new stuff to the site! Here's a roundup of all the things goin on!!


Design update guide added!

The Design Updates Guide has been updted and added to our site! Most information (including the pricing in treats  and rules) have not changed, but a detailed walkthrough of using the new system has been added!

Check out the updated guide here!


New companion and Clothing items!

Over the last few weeks, we have added some new companion and clothing items to the site! And we hope to continue the effort to build up out item database! Provie likes to seek out suggestions for new stuff on the Puppillars Discord, so if you have any ideas or items you would want, keep an eye out.









Updates to Lorekeeper!

Since Lorekeeper's launch, the community has been creating some amazing new features, and generously sharing the new fearures with everyone! As updates have been coming out, andie has been amazing at being on top of them and adding them to Puppillars in order to make  our site able to do more.  A number of these updates have come from Mercury and I we would like to extend a thank you to them (and all of the other Lorekeeper contribitors) for creating some great new things and sharing them for all! Thank you!!!!

Here are some of the amazing updates that have been added to the site:

  • Trade Listings! From the trades page, anyone can add a trade listing that others can view! Any discussion of details will still need to be handled via discord or other means of communication (there's a field for how you want to be reached), and then the trade can be made via normal trading means on the site!
  • Character Inventories! You can now attach Accessories, Companions, Collectibles, and Food Items to your Puppillar, which will be viewable from thier masterlist page, and as a special fun bonus, Companions attached to characters can be named as well!
Minor Masterlist policy Change

After considering how robust the Lorekeeper Masterlist feature is, we have decided that a good use of the Alternate Images feature is to allow members to upload alternate views of thier character, such as versions with and without accessories!

If you have a pupp that has an accessory, and would like to have the image without accessory on the masterlist, you are welcome to Submit a Claim to add the additional image! For the URL, link the image you would like used, and in the Comments, please include a link to the Pupp's Masterlist Entry and the dA name of the artist! In most cases, for Pupps with accessories, the owner was given two files, one with, one without, so I'm sure people have these images on hand! If you don't, you can check with Provie on Discord and we will do out best to track the image down!


Thats all for today, we hope you enjoy these new updates!!!


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