Welcoming a new species, Arcane Fauna!

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As the puppillars and snailcats spread out throughout the land to investigate the magic pockets, reports started coming in about seeing strange creatures in the areas surrounding the magical pockets. Frogs with mushrooms sprouting on thier backs, lizards with fire frills, and other strange creatures. It wasn't until Jake and Rover ran into a familiar face that they started putting everything together...

"HALLO IS mE OLD PALZ!!!" the flutterbat said, turning away from the swirl of magic it was trying to lick, "I waz just tryin to taste some more magic, magics is what maked the flutterbatz, but there have been so many uh ohs we thought we could be MOAR MAGICAL by eating some. Then we can help all the puppopillies and the snailies. But turns out, can't eat the dang thingies! SAD!"

Jake and Rover were thrown off, but got the famed flutterbat to explain furthur, it seemed that thier colony of strange bats used to be normal bats, but had been exposed to some strange magic and became what they were today, forming thier own society as we know them today. Furthurmore, this was happening to other creatures throughout the land!

Rover and Jake got the word out, and soon enough puppillars and snailcats set out to make contact with as many of these new creatures as possible, as they could be a possible help in fixing magic, and to be ambassadors of this new sentient species in Arcanis!

Welcoming Arcane Fauna to the puppillars World!

That's right, its time to introduce our newest species to Puppillars, Arcane Fauna! Arcane Fauna are formerly normal animals from throughout the world who have been effected by stray magic and have gained new features and a higher sentience. These creatures have been living on Accanis for a while, living in thier own groups, but many have been traveling to puppillar and snailcat settlements to live there and integrate into the greater society of Arcanis!

What are Arcane Fauna?

Arcane Fauna are any animal, plus any one of the four special trait categories: Aquatic, Elemental, Extras, and Reptile. They can be any animal, including mythical creatures, extinct creatures, and even cats or dogs! The only restriction is that each Arcane Fauna can only have one type of Arcane Magic.

For example, one of our first NPCs for Arcane Fauna, Petey, is a Raccoon with Reptile Traits, giving him Dragon traits!

NPC-016: Petey(click here to see Petey's Masterlist entry!)

How do I get an Arcane Fauna?

Arcane Fauna MYOs can be found at Petey's Arcane Emporium, and each cost 5 Arcane Motes ( Arcane Mote), a new currency! Members can earn Arcane Motes by collecting Mote drops from existing Arcane Fauna. Arcane Fauna have so  much magic they shed some once per month, and drop "Shed Arcane Magic" which members can open for some Arcane Motes!

Lucky for our members, during the Stray Magic Scavenger hunt, members were able to snag some Shed Arcane Magic they can open up for some motes to snag their first MYO!

As always, Arcane Fauna will also be available via Adoptables and Customs!

More information on Arcane Fauna will be coming soon, including an info page and prices for customs!

I hope that everyone enjoys the new species!! They have been in the works for a while, and I'm happy to finally bring them to you!


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