Thank You Puppy/Kitten Raffle!

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Thank you puppillars members!

As you may have seen on our Discord Server, we are happy and thankful to announce that we have reached our goal for covering server costs for the year! Thanks to everyone who bought MYO slots, customs, nuggies, or adopts from Andie and myself (and the special set from Kougie), and a general thank you to all our members for making puppillars what it is today!

As a thank you for all of our members, we are holding a Puppypillar/Snailkitten raffle, as was voted on by our members on discord!

This raffle is free to enter, and will work as follows:

  • Each member can claim their free ticket via¬†Claims, simply submit a new claim and select the raffle ticket as your reward
  • This portion of the raffle will close on May 15th at Midnight Site Time
  • Two winners will be drawn, and will be asked to provide two parent puppillars/snailcats for the designs to be based on
    • The parents may be your own, or one can belong to another member with their permission
  • Three designs will be created based on each set of parents, and the raffle winners will get their pick of which design from thier bacth to keep
    • In the case of one of the parents not belonging to the winner, the owner if the other parent will also get to pick a design to keep. In this scenario, an additional puppypillar/snailcat will be created for the raffle
  • The remaining characters will be raffled off in a new raffle, where each member (besides the winner of the initial raffle and any second parent owner if applicable) can receive one ticket for free

Enjoy the raffle everyone and good luck! And thanks again for all your support this year!

You can view the raffle here!


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