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The city of New Barkston is a busting city, one of the biggest on the continent and today is no different, especially around the University of New Barkston, where many have gathered to lend a helping paw in the research effort. Without the use of magic, things have been going slower at the University for both those doing experiments with magic and doing research, but seeing as research is safer to have laypeople volunteer to help with, thats where are the volunteers are headed, to the massive university library. Rover is there to greet everyone, he looks stressed out but is handling himself well, directing anyone who needs it.

"Welcome everyone! I think many of you know me, or at least saw me on Jake Barker's show last week, but I'm Rover, and if you need anything, just let me know! We're grateful for all the help, especially for going through all these old archives. There's a lot to cover, so I reccomend that you pick a topic that interests you and dive right in, that will make reading through everything more interesting! Now I will remind you to be careful, we mostly will have the volunteers looking at our achives from the last century, but if you do come across anything that looks older, please let a university employee know, as there are special procedures for handling a lot of our older documents... and of course, if you find anything of note about magic, or similar happenings in the past, please let us know!"


Plot step TWo: Into the archives!

Time to help out and try to get to the bottom of all this trouble with magic! The archives at the University of New Barkston has a lot of info, so all these helping paws will useful in seeing if there's anything of use in the history and general ephemera the university has collected over the years. It will also be fun to just see what kind of interesting information the archives has in store!

Main Activity:  Depict your character looking through the archives at the university, including a depiction of the category of interest they are looking through (this can be anything, history, sports, food, architecture, etc!)

Mini Activity: This mini activity will take place on our Discord Server! The activity will be an AMA where members can as Provie anything about the world of Puppillars, big or small, and I will do my best to give an answer. Feel free to ask about anything at all, since having a prompt is a really great way for me to get my brain going! Anyone who asks a question will be eligible for the mini activity's prize! (Members are also welcome to ask more than one question but can only get the prize once!)

Activity Guidelines:
  1. Members do not need to own a Puppillar or Snailcat in order to participate, members are free to use any of our NPCs, or draw other member's characters (with their permission!)
  2. Main Activities must be submitted to the Source of Magic Plot Gallery, and must be submitted to the Plot: Source of Magic Prompt to receive the designated rewards and count for plot participation
  3. Art/writing submissions must be worth at least 20 treats to be valid for plot participation and individual advancement
    1. Details on Treat values for art/writing can be found at our Currencies, Items, and Awards Page
  4. Members can complete each activity once per member (for the mini activity, members are welcome to ask more than one question, but can only get the prize once).
Plot Step Prize(s)

For completing the Main Activity, members will be rewarded with 100 Treats!


For completing the Mini Activity, members will be rewarded with a Ducky Gacha Ball!


If the plot participation threshold is met, a Journal Entry by Rover Wagstaff, and updated (or new!) lore entries based on the AMA questions!


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