OTA Kiosk Open!!!

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Happy november everyone!!! The OTA KIosk is now open!

The OTA Kiosk is where you can offer stuff like art for customs, myos, and even puppypillar breedings! The Kiosk will be open from November 1st to November 14th, so get those offers in! Some things have also changed slightly, so please read through the page and make sure to post using the posted form in the comment!

Click here to go to the OTA Kiosk!
  • The Winter Advent is being worked on behid the scenes, so get hyped! Themes and dates will be revealed on November 15th, when slots for the Advent go on sale! Adopts will be posted starting on December 1st, and go through the entire month, with some fun surprises along the way!!
  • December will also have another reason to check the site daily, along side the reveals of the advent adopts, there will also be a daily item advent!
  • Our first Puppillars plot/storyline will be starting up in January! Its being worked on behind the scenes now, but will have some fun surprises and things like lore added to the site!!

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