Staff Applications Open! (+ holiday updates!)

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Puppillars staff applications are open!

With an uptick in members and lots of exciting stuff planned for the future, we have some openings for new staff members to help keep us going! We are currently looking to add at least one Official Artist and one Admin Assistant to our ranks, each role is as follows:

  • Official Artists are responsible for helping to create new art assets for the site, such as item art and art for events and features. Official Artists may be called on to design NPC characters, and take on Custom/Redesign orders through our Artist Customs feature! While all staff members get the opportunity to create adopts for group sets, Official Artists are also allowed to do a set of adoptables whenever they wish! Depending on need, and if they so choose, Official Artists may also help out with non-art tasks.
  • Admin Assistants are responsible for the processing and development side of things. Admin Assistants help by processing the various prompts/claims/etc on our site, as well as helping to develop new features and events. While we take input from all staff members for new events and features, Admin Assistants have the opportunity to take the reigns on things to a higher degree, such as conceptualizing and running an event from start to finish, or suggesting a new feature to work on with the rest of the staff.

Besides those more specific responsibilities, shared responsibilities include:

  • "Pinch Hitting" for any art or development tasks as needed, if able. Though we have more specific roles, the roles are also fairly flexible! If there's something you want to help out with or try something new, that's more than welcome!
  • Participating in staff discussions to make overall decisions on group policy and ideas for events and features. While Provie has final say in policy, opinions are always necessary so we can get different perspectives!
  • Moderating the Puppillars site/discord. As a staff member, you are responsible to keep an eye on things while you can, if something happens, bring it up to the rest of the staff!

Of course, being a staff member comes with some perks, which include the following:

  • All staff members will receive the appropriate rank/role on the site and the discord server
  • All staff members have the opportunity to create adoptables for the site, through special sets/advents/or by requesting to for staff rewards
    • Official Artists have the ability to create a guest set whenever they wish, and are also take on custom design/redesign work via artist customs
  • All staff members are eligible to request Staff Rewards for their work, which can include the following:
    • Treats or other ARPG items, including MYO and Trait Changing Items
    • Custom characters or puppypillar breedings from Provie
    • General Art from Provie (non-puppillar art/designs is ok)
    • The ability to create an adoptable set for the group
    • Any currently open adoptables (or puppillars that are for resale/trade) paid for by Provie

How to Apply

To apply, you must fit the following requirements:

  • Must be a member of the site (you will need to to apply anyway!)
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must have Discord for communication
  • Must love dogs (ok this one is a joke but you know... dogs! :3)

All applications must be submitted to our Staff Applications Prompt, submitting the following form:

Name: (if different from site username)
Age: (doesn't need to be specific, can be general such as "Early 20s" or just confirm you are over 18)
Location/Time Zone: (once again, doesn't need to be specific! Time zone or continent will suffice)
Position Applying for: (Official Artist or Admin Assistant - you can also specify either if you would like to apply for both)
Relevant Experience: (doesn't have to be specifically working with an ARPG, can be anything you think demonstrates your experience and why you'd make a good staff member. For Official Artist applicants, please include links to art such as designs/stuff that can be relevant to item or event art)
Why are You Interested in Being on Staff?:
What is one thing you would love to add, change, or improve in the ARPG?:

Application will be open for one week, until September 7th, 2022 at the end of the day, site time!
If you have any questions, please comment below, post in the #ask-staff channel on our discord server, or DM Provie!



The holidays are soon upon us!

With summer coming to a close, and our last big event wrapped up, I wanted to post an update and a bit of a timeline for what the rest of the year will look like for Puppillars! We have some big plans for next year that we will be gearing up for over the next few months, but in the meantime we will also have some smaller fun activities for the fall and winter!

In September we will be rolling out a new adenture area, Bark Park! This will be an adventure area with a more urban flair, if you enjoyed the music fest, feel free to stop on by the park throughout the year and see what you find!

In October we will be hosting a Scavenger Hunt event, with a bit of a twist! The theming for our Halloween Event will be Halloween Candy, so if you have any favorite candies, let us know in the comments below or in the #suggestions channel on discord! We will also have the return of our Haunted Server discord activity, with fun new companions to collect!

In November, we will be opening the OTA Kiosk once again for Black Friday! This will be the time to offer art and other things for stuff like customs, MYO items, and puppypillar breedings! The OTA Kiosk will be open November 25th through November 30th, and as with last year completion of customs may take some time.

In December we will be having a double advent calendar, with both an Adopt Advent and Item Advent Colander running a TBD amount of days! Festive goodies will be able to be claimed, and wintery adopts will be available (with slots going on sale sometime before the advent starts). For the adoptable advent, we are also planning on including Guest Artists for the first time, to bring forth a very merry bunch of adopts. Keep an eye out for a call for Guest Artists in late October/early November!

In January and beyond...
As mentioned above, we have some big plans for next year, details are still being worked on, but next year we will be having Puppillars' first big overarching plot with a story everyone can participate in! This will include new NPCs, new stories and lore to read, activities to participate in, and some fun surprises along the way! Member participation will be a factor that influences the event, so be ready to join in on the fun!!

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oooooooh so excited for the holiday events!!!

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