Lots of Little Updates!

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Hello all!! We have a little pile of fun updates today! More things have been moved over to the site (furthur freedom from using eclipise...), some useful info has been added, and we have a small new feature!


Welcoming a new staff member!

Monte has joined the staff team as an Admin Assistant! We are hapy to have her aboard, her enthusiasm and encouragement for the species has already been such a great thing for the staff, we are excited to see it carry onto her role in an official capacity!!


New Feature: Chance's Gacha Generousity!

Craving some Gacha-pup tokens? Well, Chance has a fun new oppurtunity for you! This new,permanent Prompt allows members to submit Gift Art for a chance at bonus Treats or Gacha Tokens! In addition, the Prompt will be expanded slightly during Art Fight, where all gift art for a member of Puppillars counts, not just Puppillar art! Gacha-pup tokens will be used in Chance's shop when it opens up!


More stuff moved to site!

We have new info posted to our site, the Mementos Page now has a list of all current mementos and how to claim them! For now, most Mementos should be up to date, but we hope to have some new ones out soon for people to work towards! If you have any suggestions for mementos, please use the Suggestions channel on our Discord, or our Questions and Suggestions Prompt!

Official Customs information has been moved to our site, and now has a prompt for people to order customs! The customs rules and info has been updated a bit, so please read it before ordering! We even have a prompt just for putting in orders for Custom Pupps!

MYO purchasing has now moved to the site as well! MYOs will be purchased through the MYO Shop (Paypal/points) prompt, which will open and close as MYOs open. With this opening, there is ONE Legendary MYO slot available, once it has been bought the prompt will be edited to reflect it.

Make sure to read all the details in the prompts or pages listed above before submitting!

To browse the new prompts, please look here!


Pride Raffle Extension

As 2020 is still 2020ing, we have decided to extend the Pride Raffle until the end of July! Remember, tickets can be earned by sharing the raffle, or by drawing some Pride Art (and Pride related gift art can also be used on Chance's Gacha Generosity!)


Magic Reminder

Magic is here! Reminder that anyone with a Super Rare or Legendary Puppillar may claim magic traits for thier Pupp! More details here!

Hope you are having a good day! Thanks for your continued support of Puppillars!!!


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