Big Awards and Challenge/Quest Prize Update!

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Hi everyone!!! Today we have a big update with a lot of new Awards, as well as revealing the new full prizes for our Challenges and Dungeon Quest: Beast!!


New awards

For starters, we have some new Awards to catch up on some recent events! 


Replica Orb (Mysterious Orb Hunt 2021) | Leftover Candy Wrapper (Trick or Treating 2021)


 Cozytide 2021 Bauble (12 Days of Cozytide 2021) | Gift Art Sketches (For Participating in any art exchange)

Next up, some new awesome tiered awards!


Digital Tablets (for completing 3, 5, and 10 Digital Art Pieces)


Traditional Art Sketchbooks (for completing 3, 5, and 10 Traditional Art Pieces)


Writing Notebooks (for completing 3, 5, and 10 Writing Pieces)


Event Passes (for participating in 1, 3, and 5 events)

We also have some new awards for completing our challenges


Precious Portrait (for completing Character Development challenge)


Preserved Springs Flowers | Preserved Summer Shells and Sand | Preserved Fall Leaves | Preserved Winter Snow
All for completing the respective seasonal art challenges


Plus the Four Seasons Scrapbook for completing all four seasonal art challenges!

And some general awards as well!


Gold Gacha Keychain (for opening a legendary gacha capsule)
Commmorative Stream Ticket (for attending art streams on our discord)
Token of Appriciation (for contributing to Provie's Ko-fi)


Five Star Postcards for Patchwork Meadow and Glowshroom Forest (for completing all 5 events in the respective area)

As always for all new awards, they are distributed via Claims! Simply state the award you are claiming and any proof you have earned it! 

Prizes for Challenges

All current challenges have had thier prizes fully updated, they are all listed on the challenges, but here's a breakdown

<a href=" Occasion Present" class="display-item">Special Occasion Present</a>

The Special Occasion Present (which opens to give one random MYO item and one Trait Changing Item) as well as 200 treats and 4 Gacha Tokens!

For the seasonal challenges, each has three new exclusive items:

<a href=" Goodie Bag" class="display-item">Spring Goodie Bag</a><a href=" Goodie Bag" class="display-item">Summer Goodie Bag</a><a href=" Goodie Bag" class="display-item">Fall Goodie Bag</a><a href=" Goodie Bag" class="display-item">Winter Goodie Bag</a>

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Goodie Bags (each open to have 5 seasonal items from appropriate season)

<a href=" of Spring" class="display-item">Crown of Spring</a><a href=" of Summer" class="display-item">Crown of Summer</a><a href=" of Fall" class="display-item">Crown of Fall</a><a href=" of Winter" class="display-item">Crown of Winter</a>

Crowns of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

<a href=" Of Spring" class="display-item">Herald Of Spring</a><a href=" of Summer" class="display-item">Herald of Summer</a><a href=" of Autumn" class="display-item">Herald of Autumn</a><a href=" of Winter" class="display-item">Herald of Winter</a>

Heralds of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

new dungeon Quest: Beast Prizes

All prizes have been added to the Dungeon Quest: Beast! They are all posted alongside the chapters but they are as follows:

Chapter 1


Pembroke Dice Set | Dungeon Doggos Handbook

Chapter 2


Borrowed Map | Mug of Root Beer

Chapter 3

<a href=<a href=

Leafy Cloak | Bandit Plushie

Chapter 4

<a href=" Hidden Key" class="display-item">Well Hidden Key</a><a href=" Hook with Rope" class="display-item">Grappling Hook with Rope</a>

Well Hidden Key | Grappling Hook with Rope

Chapter 5

<a href=<a href=

Rose-Tinted Glasses | Rune Rock

Chapter 6

534-image.png<a href=

Golden Dice Set | Beast Plushie 
Plus 150 treats!

And thats it for this update! Its been a long time coming, so thanks to all our members for your patience! I hope this new stuff will be a fun incentive to do some quests, adventures, and more!


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