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Edit 4/2:

Looks like the flutterbats have left us some more exciting stuff!

The "adoptable" batch posted has morphed into puppillars and snailcats, and are now OTA!

The bats have also left behind two new colors of Flutterbat companion for people to take home! They can be purchased at the Companion Shop, or claimed at the Flutterbat Safari Zone on Discord!




H3LL0!!!!!!!!!!!! HOWZ EVERY1 doing 2day????


the most amazingeyiest flutter batz R here again to brighten ur day and make you go OWO and xD when you see our lovely new friendz!! The pupperpillar staffs said to flutter batz hey u guy roxxors can you help us make some adoptybles???? so we were like UMMMM okeh!!! :3 :3 :3 an we are also so exciety to make some moneys! i think we will buy a snacks? or maybe sum trading cards??? probly snax tho hahaha


any-wayz click herez 4 our loverly adottiebles!!! we posted a salez post and we hope u all enjoy!!!
we will also be having a biig party in the discord server!!! come join the flutter batz and try n catch us and take us home (we are very cute and love to snuggle and easy to take care of we eat lots of candy)~

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