Comments on [Closed] Puppillars Winter Advent - CLOSED!

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andie Staff Member

Comment here to offer in "First Snow" Puppillar OTA with $35 Buyout

Looking at offers of the following in order of preference: USD via Paypal > Art/CS characters (pupps/snils = mothcats = wol) > MYOs > treats

2022-11-14 06:16:14 (Edited 2022-11-14 06:18:42)

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wanderandfriend Staff Member

Hi!! I would like to offer

If not can do some art!! Am sorta tired rn but let me know if interested in anything in terms of amount can do up to 40$ of art!

2023-01-02 17:29:30

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andie Staff Member

I will accept the art offer! I will DM you about details, thank you! <3

2023-01-03 08:55:26