Comments on [Closed] Puppillars Winter Advent - CLOSED!

AcuteExposure Avatar

Comment here to claim the Frozen Lake puppillar for $25!

2022-11-13 16:48:03

Oboe Avatar

I can offer ~$25 worth of art, which is about equivalent to a full-body with simple background or multiple busts! Examples here:
Turnaround time is 1-3 days for a sketch, and up to two weeks for a finished piece.

Alternatively, I can autobuy for $25 if you would prefer money to art!

2022-12-10 14:31:46

AcuteExposure Avatar

I'd personally prefer money, but I could also definitely take art if You prefer that/if that's easier for you! My discord is Blunderjane#1805 - feel free to message me so we can sort this out further! :D

2022-12-10 18:19:52