Patchwork Meadow

Patchwork Meadow

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Go for an adventure in Patchwork Meadow!


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Welcome to Patchwork Meadow, a wide open field with flowers of all different kinds. The flowers grouped up in thier patches look like a quilt, giving this relaxing meadow its name! A very tame and safe area, perfect for a first adventure, or a picnic!  These wide open fields are perfect for running and frolicking, and picking some lovely flowers!
Location art by Nhrive

Adventuring how-to:
  1. This is a Level 1 Adventure, which means you must have at least 1 Adventure Level to participate!
  2. Browse the list of events provided below and choose one to apply to your Adventuring instance
  3. Create your art or writing of your Puppillar having their adventure! 
    1. For this prompt, the minimum requirements are a Fullbody with a Simple Background for art or 500 words for writing
  4. Submit your art/writing to the ARPG Art Gallery
  5. Submit your art to this Prompt corresponding to the event you chose
    1. For the URL section, please include the link to the gallery submission
    2. In the comments section, Please include the event you chose, if you are using any adventuring items, and any other comments you have for the staff
    3. If you have any items you are using, attach them to your submission.
Patchwork meadow events:
  1. Your character is able to have an opportunity to relax a bit among the flowers during this adventure, what do they do?
  2. With so many different flowers available, your character creates a bouquet for themselves or a friend. What flowers do they include in this bouquet and why?
  3. The meadow is home to a number of cool bugs, and your character runs across one! Please depict the bug in your submisson.
  4. Your character comes across a critter of some sort, munching on some of the local plants. Do they watch from afar, or try and make a new friend?
  5. While in the meadow, your character spots a group of young pupps playing hide tag. Do they watch or join in?

Complete all 5 Events to earn a special Achievement!

Patchwork Meadow Items:
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Common Items:
Red Rose, Red Poppy, White Daisy, Blue Daisy, Pink Daisy

Daisy Bandana, Peony Bandana, Purple Tulip, Orange Tulip, Pink Tulip

Picnic Blanket, Blue Blanket, Ducky Blanket, Ladybug, Blue Ladybug

Mantis, Buttercup Mantis, Daisy Bow

Rare Items:

Galaxy Tulip, Rainbow Daisy, Love Ladybug, Orchid Mantis, Gold Flower Necklace

There's also a chance to recieve a special adventuring item:

170-image.png165-image.png169-image.png168-image.pngTransfiguration Magic Potion
Lucky Adventure Coin, Magic Wishbone, Mini Magic Potion, Major Magic Potion, Transfiguration Magic Potion


Reward Amount
Wonderful Finds From Patchwork Meadow 3
Adventuring Level 1