[Catsnail] Imari MYO

In Snailcat Art ・ By mewhaku
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[Catsnail] Imari MYO
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In Snailcat Art ・ By mewhaku

First artwork I made of my Catsnail, Imari! =) I got his MYO slot by completing all the prompts in the semi-recent Garden event~ His shell's crack can repair itself/shift place and similar thanks to the super rare-magic of it. 

Pattern on the teacup loosely inspired by Doulton's Imari patterns, I'd highly recommend checking out similar porcelain patterns. Very pretty! 

Fun porcelain fact, typically Imari-ware (in the English use of the term, not the original Japanese) is decorated in blue (under the final glaze, usually darker) , with red, gold, black for outlines added over the final glaze as decoration. 

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