[Gift] Puppillars Design Exchange 2024 -- Provie!

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[Gift] Puppillars Design Exchange 2024 -- Provie!
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In Art and Design Exchange 2024 ・ By Oboe

I was randomly paired with Provie for the Design Exchange this year!

Theme: Conversation Hearts
Breed Inspiration: Standard Poodle

- Six Legs (Common)
- Nubs Feelers (Common)
- Dog Ears (Common)
- Nothing Back (Common)
- Dog Tail (Common)
- Claws (Common)
- Eye Variation (Common) (Heart-shaped pupils)
- Misc Dog Traits (Common) (Fancy poodle cut)
- Accessory (Common) (Pink heart bandana)

Submitted By Oboe
Submitted: 2 months agoLast Updated: 2 months ago

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Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member she/her

this came out SO CUTE! i love the colors and the eyes so much!! :)

2024-03-18 11:29:12

Oboe Avatar
Oboe they/it/ze/she

You mentioned liking “lovecore” designs for the prompt, and wanting a pink poodle in the main chat… so of course I had to take a stab at mixing those together. x3

I’m so glad you like them!!

2024-03-18 11:44:48

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