[Gift] Denim Doggo

In Puppillar Art ・ By Oboe
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[Gift] Denim Doggo
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In Puppillar Art ・ By Oboe

Harley is always ready to share some Pride!

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mewhaku Avatar

This is seriously adorable!

2021-02-19 15:34:18

Oboe Avatar

Thank you! I hope to do more stuff like this for as many pupps as I can ;;

2021-02-19 22:30:06

andie Avatar
andie Staff Member

She looks so amazing!!!! Thank you so much, angel!!

2021-02-14 08:47:35

Oboe Avatar

I'm so glad you like what I've done with her! ^v^

2021-02-14 17:36:17

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