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Flatsale: SNIL-072[Open]
Design: Provie ・ Art: Provie
Price: $20

Flatsale: SNIL-073[Closed]
Design: Provie ・ Art: Provie
Price: $20

Time for some more adopts to raise funds for the Puppillars and Fanteles site fees, this time some lovely Snailcats!

Each of these Snailcats are a $20 flatsale, comment below to claim, stating which you'd like to claim! 



wanderandfriend Avatar
wanderandfriend Staff Member

Hi! I would like to claim Snil-073!

2023-02-19 18:54:24

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

awesome! ill send you invoice shortly

2023-02-19 20:30:04

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