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MYO Shop (Paypal)

MYO Shop (Paypal)

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If this prompt is active, MYOs are available for purchase using Paypal or dA Points!


Use this prompt to Purchase a MYO Slot!

General Rules

  1. Please be familliar with our Terms of Service and our MYO Guide before purchasing an MYO
  2. All recipients of MYO slots must be registered on
  3. MYO slots can be purchased on behalf of another user, if so please be clear when ordering!
    1. Any MYO slots purchased on behalf of someone else will have no resale value


Slot Types and Pricing
For more details on what each slot includes,  please see the MYO Guide!
If a MYO slot type is crossed out, that means it is not currently available for purchase!

  • Common MYO  - $5
  • Rare MYO -  $10
  • Super Rare MYO - $15
  • Legendary MYO - $25

How to use this Prompt

  • To purchase a slot, simply submit to this prompt including what type of MYO slot you would like to purchase.
  • Please include your Paypal e-mail address, and you will be sent an invoice. Once that invoice is paid, staff will add your MYO slot to your account!
  • If you are purchasing a MYO slot for another user, please state that clearly in the comment, using thier site username

Example Submission: Hello, I would like to purchase a Common MYO, with Paypal. My paypal address is .  This MYO slot is being purchased for Provie!


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