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Advanced Dungeon Doggos

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Ends: 8 March 2021, 00:00:00 CST (1 week from now)

Whether it be in game, or around the table, depict your Pupp/Snailcat having fun with Advanced Dungeon Doggos for some bonus Event Points!


For more details about the Advanced Dungeon Doggos event, click here to see the news post!

Prompt Description

Draw some art involving the Advanced Dungeon Doggos campaign! You may depict your character in "real life", gathered around Alabaster's table and playing the game, or depict a scene from in the game itself! As long as it relates to the theme of the game, its fair game! 

Character Sheets can also be submitted to this prompt for a flat rate of 10 Event Points per sheet (up to a maximum of 3)

Prompt rules
  1. Both Members and Staff may participate!
  2. There are no minimum art or writing requirements for this prompt
  3. All art must be submitted to the "Advanced Dungeon Doggos" folder in the Gallery
  4. You do not need to own a Puppillar to participate! You may use the NPCS, or another member's puppillar (with their permission) to complete the prompt!
  5. Participants may submit to the prompt as many times as they wish
  6. The prompt will award Event Points Equal to the amount of treats earned by the piece
    1. Collabs are allowed, and the Event Points will be distributed the same as treats


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