Some Misc Updates!

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Hellp pupp pals! Got some various small updates today!


<a href=" Plushie" class="display-item">Bandit Plushie</a><a href=" Plushie" class="display-item">Bandit Plushie</a><a href=" Plushie" class="display-item">Bandit Plushie</a>


Customs price update

After some review and discussion, we have decided to raise the prices on our Artist Customs! The prices are now as follows:

Common Puppillar Custom - $15
Rare Puppillar Custom - $20
Super Rare Puppillar Custom - $25
Legendary Puppillar Custom (Commissioner designs their own Illusory Form) - $30
Legendary Puppillar Custom (with Illusory Form) - $45
Snailcat Custom - Starting at $10 final pricing at artist's discretion
Puppypillar Custom - $15
Special Traits for Puppillars - Pricing adjustment decided by the artist

Thanks to everyone as always for your support!


Masterlist project complete!

After some work, the masterlist project is now complete (mostly)! Most older images have been re-uploaded on the masterlist, meaning that all images use the auto-watermarking feature, and unwatermarked images can be viewed by the character's owner and the Puppillars staff! This should make things easier for any future trades and stuff! Some puppillars with alternate images missing have also had them added! A few pupps still need re-uploads, and I will be reaching out to folks to see if they have the image to re-upload.

As stated previously, if you have a Pupp that you want to have alternate images that haven't been added to the masterlist yet, please reach out to Provie and I can add em!


Guide pages updated

Another project I had been working on is now completed as well, all the main guide pages have had some minor updates, mainly for grammar and some clarification. The main important changes are as follows:

  • No Special Potions for Snailcats - Previously it was stated on the Snailcat Guide that Special Potions could be used for Snailcats, this has been changed and is no longer the case. However, similar effects can be achieved using Mini Magic, because any traits with these sort of effects will be Magic Traits on Snailcats, rather than using the special traits, which are exclusive to Puppillars
  • Treats Valuing Clarified - The Treats value sheet has been linked on the Currencies, Items, and Awards page, as well as added as an image
  • How to Use Our Site Updated - New sections have been added for all our new features, and the outlines have been collapsed into spoilers in order to make the page less overwhelming
  • Terms of Service Updated - Just like above, the changes are mostly small clarfications, but one to note is under 4c, clarifying using trades vs transfers:
    • "If a character/MYO is being gifted, you may use the transfer option on the masterlist page, if it is being traded however, please use the Trades feature in order to keep the best records!"


I hope all these updates help to streamline the pupps experience! If there are any questions, feel free to reach out on Discord!


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