Happy Pride Month!!!

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481-image.pngHappy Pride Month!!! 481-image.png

Happy June everyone! Once again we will be celebrating Pride over at Puppillars! To celebrate pride this year we are reprising last month's game and fun bonus!

Pride Month Game - We are once again hosting a pride themed game of Draw the Character Above over at our Discord Server! Claim someone and draw their character showing their pride, and the art will be eligible for both Chance's Gacha Generosity and the Pride Month Prompt!

Pride Month Prompt - Our Pride Month Prompt is open once again! Any fullbody pride art or 500 words pride writing is eligible to claim a bonus 10 treats or any pride item of your choice! For this prompt it can be gifts from the game, or art you do of your own characters!

New Pride Items - To celebrate, we have some new pride items! Polyromantic/sexual, MLM, Omni, and Bigender have been added to all our existing pride items!!



Click here to view our Pride 2022 Gallery

Click here to view the Pride Shop - Accessories

Click here to view the Pride Shop - Collectibles


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