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We have some amazing new features rolling out, and some stuff to look forward to!


Our gallery is now on site! A HUGE thanks to Mercury for creating this awesome extension, and to andie for getting it set up on out site! With this, we have taken our final step to being completely independent from Deviantart! This means that going forward, it will not be required to post art to Deviantart, and required to submit to our on-site gallery

The gallery submission process is similar to dA's interface, where you can add a title and a description, but also has awesome additional features such as being able to list collaborators, selecting the prompt a piece is for, and being able to list characters featured in each submission, which will add the image to the character's on site gallery! Gallery submissions can be favorited and commented on by other users as well!

In order to submit to a gallery, simply head on over to the Gallery and click the blue plus sign next to the gallery you want to submit to, and work from there! For any images submitted to the gallery, you will still have to submit to any prompts to receive rewards, with the exception of treats, which are bult into the gallery.  The old Treats Queue prompt has now been retired! You may now use the link to the gallery submission on site in the URL field on any prompts!

We look forward to seeing everyone's submissions in the future!



Mementos have been moved over to the Awards System! For this one, a huge thanks to tgi who created this extension, and of course the amazing andie for setting it up on site. All Mementos have been moved onto the new system, and should already be reflected on your account (you may have noticed some notifications of item removal and award granting)! If there are any awards missed from this transfer, let us know in the comments below or on Discord, and we'll fix it asap!

With this new system, we are going to work on adding some more Awards to the site, including some fun general awards for people to work towards! If you have any suggestions for Awards, feel free to let us know in the comments, or on Discord!



Lore pages have been slightly reorganized! The Lore Pages extension now features Categories for our pages, which can bee accessed on the Encyclopedia, but we have also added some Quick Links to the Info dropdown as well, so you can quickly jump to each of these categories! As far as info goes, we have also moved info about Guest Artist Opportunities to our list, accessible under our ARPG Tutorials. Guest Artist applications are currently closed, but any openings will be posted to the news, so keep an eye out!



We have been working behind the scenes on our next big event, so look forward to some fun activities coming your way soon! Besides our big event, we are also planning a small activity on our Discord for the week of Halloween! If you're not a member of our Discord, now is a good time to check it out! The activity will be fairly simple, and won't involve making any art, and is just meant to be a fun casual activity!


That's all for now! Things have been changing and improving pretty quickly on our site, and likewise I hope there have been improvements in all of your lives as well. 2020 has been a wild ride, but we have all been doing our best to stick it out, and I am proud of each and every one of you for keeping going and hopefully trying to make improvements on your own lives! I'm always grateful for all your support, and want you all to know that you have my support as well! My DMs are always open if anyone needs me! - Provie

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Wowowow what a big move!! Congrats all!! =D

2020-10-22 06:28:16

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